Thursday 14 May 2015

LEGO Marvel Avengers Quinjet City Chase set 76032 review

A couple of weeks ago we were sent the LEGO Avengers Quinjet City Chase set 76032 to review. My little boys love the LEGO Avengers, and so this was a very popular delivery! Recommended for age 8-14, the set has 722 pieces and is a slightly more difficult build, with a complex Quinjet that is pretty darn awesome...

LEGO Avengers Quinjet City Chase set 76032 review

LEGO Marvel Avengers Quinjet City Chase set 76032 review

The LEGO Avengers Quinjet City Chase set 76032 pack shot

Horrendous photos, I can only apologise for the light we have here in Manchester. It was an incredibly sunny day and as it's usually dismal it caught me out...

Avengers Quinjet City Chase 76032 box contents

Inside the box the pieces are in 6 numbered bags, with 1 sheet of stickers and 2 instruction manuals. Although the set is recommended for age 8+,  our well-practised 6 1/2 year old built this alone, and he did it over two evenings.

Avengers Quinjet City Chase 76032 building

In this set we have the Avengers Quinjet itself, the Lab Truck, and 5 minifigures including Vision, Black Widow, Iron Man MK43, Ultimate Ultron and Captain America with his bike and Superhero Super Jumper.

Avengers Quinjet City Chase 76032 minifigures Iron Man Captain America

The minifigures are great. Lovely detailed prints to the front and backs and fabulous expressions with Black Widow and Iron Man having double-sided heads.

Avengers Quinjet City Chase 76032 minifigures back behind rear

Iron Man has a nice opening and removeable helmet , while Ultron's headgear is a two-part construction which was new to my lads when we got this set and really impressed them.

Avengers Quinjet 76032 Iron Man Ultron helmet

The Super Jumper actually works! You'd be amazed how much fun a small child can have springing minifigures across the room repeatedly. According to our 5 year old backwards is best....

Avengers Quinjet 76032 Superjumper Captain america Marvel

The Quinjet itself is awesome. The design is really very complex, and this is reflected in just how many interesting and moving parts you have with the finished model.

Avengers Quinjet 76032 Marvel build in progress

Avengers Quinjet 76032 LEGO floor hatch Captain America bike

The main carriage of the jet has a space for Captain America on his bike to sit inside, and he can be released from the bottom of the Quinjet by pressing the black tile behind the cockpit roof.

Avengers Quinjet 76032 LEGO floor hatch wing

Avengers Quinjet 76032 LEGO Bike compartment

Avengers Quinjet 76032 LEGO Bike through hatch

The wings are designed to fold, move and reshape, and they're really sturdy, so they don't in any way fall off, even with rougher play from younger LEGO fans. It makes it really handy for storage! Underneath the wings are secret compartments where the Avengers can hide to launch a surprise attack.

 LEGO Avengers Ultron Quinjet 76032 wingspan aircraft

There's an opening hatch compartment at the rear of the Quinjet, where the characters can travel and store their weapons.

 LEGO Avengers Quinjet 76032 rear view of plane LEGO Avengers Quinjet 76032 rear opening hatch

Also included is the Lab Truck. This is an exploding vehicle with 'fall away' sides, an opening top with minifig stand and inside a pod for Ultron.

 LEGO Avengers Quinjet 76032 exploding lab truck

 LEGO Avengers Quinjet 76032 lab truck Ultron stand

When the button is pressed the truck falls apart and Ultron's pod is released.

 LEGO Avengers Quinjet 76032 explode lab truck exploding

The Avengers Quinjet City Chase is a great set which has plenty to offer the builder because of the complexity of the Quinjet and even the Lab Truck. It is a good representation of the film, and makes an excellent playset which my 5 and 6 year olds have played with since it was built. The Quinjet is huge and with the bike, truck and pod there really is loads going on and plenty to occupy anyone.

 LEGO Marvel Avengers Quinjet set 76032 built

At £69.99 for 722 pieces, you are paying for the intricate design and the Avengers name. The Quinjet set represents good value on a par with other licensed sets of this size, and is awesome to play with. Available from with free delivery and VIP points.

LEGO Blogger Badge Quinjet City Chase review set 76032
We were sent the LEGO Avengers Quinjet City Chase set to review as part of our role as LEGO Family Bloggers.


  1. This looks amazing! I love the minifigs, especially The Vision. I think Bud would go nuts for this, he loves the Avengers and would love the chance to play with them in LEGO form.

    1. They are cool. My youngest always wants the figures and plays with them as their characters, the 6 year old the vehicles :D

  2. What an amazing set from Lego. Brilliant! My kids would love this!

    1. It is definitely a cool set - and it has some excellent characters to play with :)

  3. This set looks fantastic, luckily my boy is still set on all the police ones and hasn't discovered the superhero sets yet. I'm sure it wont be long. I think I would want this set just to get a superjumper, and visions of a great fun game of tiddly 'minifigures' the truck reminds me of the one for my sons bank robber, and the details are amazing as always!

    1. It is like Tiddlywinks!! It really is - but a bit higher actually :D

  4. This set really does look awesome, I love all the minifigures too. I know this is a set that my boy Mister B would absolutely love in a couple of years time!

    1. It is a great set. I think the Quinjet itself will probably continue to make appearances too, so it'll stay current hopefully :)

  5. I love this and I think I want it for me, especially the minifigs!

    1. They are pretty cool aren't they? It's great to see Black Widow in there :D

  6. I am loving this, it looks amazing and would be a hit with all four of us here. I know that Monkey would love the minifigures! Monkey is a massive avengers fan and will want the Quinjet as soon as he sees it!

    1. The minifigures are awesome. I can't help wondering what I would have made of it if I'd been able to have them as a child! :)

  7. Awesome thanks for sharing it with us, it definitely means a lot.


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