Friday 8 May 2015

SpruKits - Poseable Figure Model Kits Review - Batman and The Joker

SpruKits from Bandai are brand new to the UK. Poseable figural model kits featuring characters from DC Comics, Pokemon, LBX and Halo, SpruKits are available in 3 sizes with 3 levels of difficulty - enough to keep anyone from age 8 to adult entertained. And they really have, I'm smitten.

SpruKits - Poseable Figure Model Kits Review - Batman and The Joker

Frankly the packaging was exciting enough! And as I opened the box, it only got better....

What Makes A Hero - You do

Yep, these are a craft project for ages 8+ that requires absolutely NO TOOLS - although you may wish to tidy up the edges and bits of sprue. I haven't for any of the models so that you can see what they're like straight out of the box.

Bandai have sent us 4 kits to review, covering each of the 3 levels of SpruKits available

SpruKits review Halo Batman DC Villain The Joker

Level 1 SpruKits are 4inch tall models with 5 points of articulation and suitable for beginners, with 20-40 pieces. We've been sent the Original Comic The Joker and the New 52 Batman.

Level 2 SpruKits are 5inch tall models with a natural range of motion and suitable for skilled beginners to advanced modellers, with 80-120 pieces. We've been sent The Dark Knight Rises Batman.

Level 3 SpruKits are 9inch tall models that are ridiculously articulate and suitable for advanced modellers, with 160+ pieces. We've been sent the Halo Master Chief.

SpruKits review showing scale Halo Batman DC Villain The Joker

I'm going to give an overview of all of the models in this post, but I actually think the Level 3 Halo model is very special, so I've dedicated another post and you can find our review of the SpruKits Halo Master Chief here...

SpruKits from Bandai have gorgeous decorated boxes

The boxes for these models are lovely, covered in fascinating detail and giving you a great idea of what's inside...

Bandai Sprukits what's in the box?

As the name suggests, these models are made from moulded plastic parts still on the sprue. They come off the sprue really cleanly and easily - it was instantly impressive. The model is built by clipping together the parts, with ball joints for shoulders and hips.

How do they work? Bandai SpruKits models

Even in the Level 1 models, there is so much detail within the head that it is made from several parts.

Size of pieces level 1 Batman Bandai SpruKits models
Size of head pieces level 1 Batman Bandai SpruKits models

Bandai SpruKits models instructions sprue

There are a tiny number of stickers for the SpruKits, and they are gorgeous - very thick metal stickers that go onto the models beautifully. 

Bandai SpruKits models metal stickers

The instruction leaflets are big, really well laid out and incredibly easy to follow. Our 6 1/2 year old attempted the New 52 Batman and it was only hand strength that prevented him completing it alone.

Bandai SpruKits models being built instructions sprue

Unfortunately the Original Comic The Joker doesn't show up well on photo's - but I managed to catch his good side!

Bandai SpruKit model Level 1 DC villain The Joker close up face

Just in case you had visions of a Mad Hatters Batman tea party - Level 1 models with capes and tails do not sit down without removing some clothes....

Bandai SpruKit models Level 1 and 2 DC villain The Joker Batman

The Level 2 SpruKits are a huge step away from the Level 1. Level 1 really have the bare minimum movement, and giving them expression is quite a job... Level 2 meanwhile can even kneel down.

Bandai SpruKit models Level 1 and 2 DC villain The Joker Batman

The Level 2 SpruKit we have been sent has an amazing range of movement for such a small figure, and although all of the SpruKits have a stand, they are very well balanced and stand easily anyway.

Bandai SpruKit models Level 1 and 2 range of movement articulation

I am incredibly impressed with the level of detail in these models, and even articulation is accounted for. The knees on the Level 2 Batman bend in two places, with a kneecap in between, and when the knee is bent the exposed plastic is moulded to look like the Batsuit material, so continuity isn't lost. The heads all tilt, and the waists also tilt as well as bending.

Bandai SpruKit figure Level 2 Batman The Dark Knight Rises range of movement articulation

The Level 2 and 3 SpruKits also have interchangeable hands - The Dark Knight Rises Batman  has 5 hands, plus a Batarang and Grapple Gun which fit into two of the hands.
Bandai SpruKit figure Level 2 Batman The Dark Knight Rises accessories
Bandai SpruKit figure Level 2 Batman The Dark Knight Rises grapple gun and Batarang

Level 1 SpruKits have an rrp of £8.99
Level 2 SpruKits have an rrp of £15.99
Level 3 SpruKits have an rrp of £49.99

Bandai SpruKit figures Level 1 and 2 comparison review Batman and The Joker

In my opinion the Level 1 SpruKits are great if you are collecting or putting together a particular scene, but if you are buying one SpruKit, get a Level 2. The Level 2 are much more fun and the range of movement is excellent. They are well worth the extra money.

I'm incredibly impressed with the level of detail and ease of balance for all of the figures, and the brilliant articulation that the Level 2 Batman figure has. Putting the SpruKits together took my 6 and 15 year olds 20-45 minutes (Level 1), and my 17 year old around 90 minutes (Level 2). No-one was ever frustrated and nothing got lost. SpruKits are a nice relaxing build, and a rewarding finished model. They look fantastic on the shelf, they're sturdy enough for a bit of harrassment by an under 8 year old, and they make a great gift. A definite thumbs up from us.

Go to the next post to see my Level 3 Sprukit Halo Master Chief Review....

Sprukits figural models level 1 2 3 compare sizes and articulation


  1. They are brilliant! I love them! Especially batman posing so sexy!

    1. Hahaha. I put that one in just in case you visited Eileen :D They are brilliant, cheers for commenting!

  2. These are brilliant! Little Mr A would love something like this! Not sure I can see the sexiness to Batman though unlike Eileen ;)

    1. Hehehe. He'd be a nightmare, he doesn't do it for me either :D My lot all love the SpruKits, we've had a great time with them :)


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