Wednesday 30 September 2015

How To Make Toys More Affordable?

This is a guest post written by Michelle Ross


Toys not only make your kids time more precious, but they also let them learn new stuff. From improving their mechanic to social skills, appropriate toys can play an important role in child's development. But along with this advantage, comes a huge disadvantage – cost of toys. In fact, some toys which you would love to gift to your child need a lot of cash to purchase.

But that is not a problem for some people. You included! Below you will find some tricks and tips for how to make all the best toys a lot more affordable. With it you will be able to pamper your kids with amazing toys and won’t overspend!

Make an agreement with your kids 

If your kids are grown enough to understand what saving money means, make an agreement with them. It can be something like instead of visiting the local carnival and only spending money without any value of it, agree to head to the toy store instead and buy your kids a good toy with great long-term value. By Curated has some helpful tips to get you started. Although if your child is still pretty small, you can make another agreement. Like if they act really good and eat all their vegetables for a month (or another period of time) you will buy any toy they wish. In the time they do that, you will be able to put some money aside and afford that!

Search for coupons before buying. 

You can also save a lot of money on brand new and amazing toys if you just take a little time before shopping and find some coupons! There are many stores that offer coupons and great discounts for all toys in their stores. With coupons, you can not only save on products but get free shipping as well. So you won’t leave your home and you will surely save some great cash!

If “new” is not a priority, hit thrift or second-hand stores or garage sales 

If you don’t mind if a toy is new or not, and you care more about the price tag, then thrift and second-hand stores can help you out a lot. There you might find some real treasures and in fact, pay a silly small price for that. Car boot or garage sales are also a great place to look for used, but still excellent quality toys. Just before buying take a good look at a toy, no matter what type it is, and make sure it is really in good shape. After bringing it home – make sure it is clean and all ready for some play time.

DIY is an option too

You can have a great time with your kids and also stick to your budget if you try to make your own toys. Of course, it might take some skills of yours, but kids can really love doing that and only imagination is their only limit! Just equip them with materials and tools and let them create whatever they wish for. It can definitely be a nice addition to their toy collection and it won’t cost you a penny!

Swap with friends or neighbours

Finally, you can just swap your already owned old toys for other toys your friends or neighbours have and wish to get rid of. By doing that you won’t spend a penny on it and it will surely help your friends and you to declutter as well! So next time you are visiting your friends, ask if they have some toys their kids are not using. Who knows? Maybe it would really work for you both and it would be just perfect for your kids.

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