Saturday 5 September 2015

LEGO Star Wars General Grievous Buildable Figure Set 75112 Review

Yesterday was #forcefriday and we were sent a mystery package from LEGO. Much to the delight ofmy 6 year old it contained 2 of the brand new Star Wars buildable figures sets to have a play with - 75112 General Grievous and 75111 Darth Vader.

General Grievous has 186 pieces and is recommended for age 9+. It's a tricky build. Much harder than the Darth Vader buildable figure, and my 7 year old couldn't quite do this one on his own.

Inside the box we have an instruction leaflet, 1 loose starting piece and 3 bags of LEGO.

The build starts with the main torso, which is really rigid and strong with more fixing points than you could ever need, but built in movement which gives the finished model extra dimension.

Then the feet. As it happens these are a lovely surprise. Beautifully engineered to have an amazing range of movement at the ankle, with fabulous claws, and gorgeous frankly.


The feet aren't the only beautiful bit. The arms are simplicity itself yet work incredibly well, there is gorgeous printing on the breastplate and face/head armour, and the large lightsabers are a bit special. A rarity in sets too - numbered pieces for some of the armour. I think without the numbers this could be a 12+ set. It stretches a novice and as I took it apart so that my 6 year old could build it unseen, I can tell you it requires a lot of finger strength to disassemble! 

Further up the legs and you see how complex it gets, but this provides great articulation. The buildable figures are formed from mainly loads Technic pieces and approximately 1 bazillion balljoints. Even the armour plates are attached via ball and socket and have a little movement.

The trickiest bit of the build (as to be expected really) is attaching the model together at the hip area, so your young builder may need a bit of help with that, and keep an eye on how many pins you have left as it's easy to miss some.

It's a very poseable figure only restricted by balance, but even that is very good as the 4 arms and bending feet really allow for you to redistribute the weight well. You can really get him into (or out of) character..

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One of the nicest touches it the way General Grievous' arms fix together. It works incredibly well, looks very good and he's still fully poseable. In fact, it can look even better...

The LEGO Star Wars General Grievous Buildable Figure set 75112 has an rrp of £29.99 and is available now from LEGO online and in stores. We think he's great. He is loads of fun to fiddle with or pose and has masses of expression. The build is really good fun and a bit of a challenge, there's a nice feeling of completion when he's built.

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  1. I was expecting this to be a lot more than £30. I think it's great value and looks pretty awesome! x

    1. It's definitely never going to lose value either! He's a popular guy and this'll be a real hit :)

  2. Replies
    1. He's not bad is he? For a poseable figure that you can build and with so much design gone into making him work well, he's a fair price :)

  3. Hopefully I'm getting this for Christmas. Those lovely sand colored shells along with four lightsabers added in are all too appealing. :P


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