Monday 30 November 2015

8 Toys To Keep Your Kids Active

Your kids have a lot of energy, and, despite your best efforts, sometimes they just don’t have a place to channel it! We’ve come up with some indoor and outdoor toy options to get your kids moving and depleting some of their vast energy stores.


Magic Moves Talking Electronic Wand

This is the perfect toy for when it's raining outside. It has 90 commands and over 20 songs that keep kids laughing and moving at any age. Commands like “stomp like a dinosaur” give kids something fun and active to do whilst teaching valuable listening skills along the way. Younger kids will love the flashing lights and sounds, while older kids will embrace the challenges.

Dance games

Dance, Dance Revolution has been around for ages, but it is still a great way to keep kids active indoors. It’s especially good if you have more than one kid as the sibling rivalry can have them playing for hours.

Wii Sport

With the age of gaming technology truly hitting its stride, your kids have a lot more options for play. One critique, however, is that it glues kids to the couch instead of encouraging activity. While that may have been the case years ago, now we have interactive games like those available from Wii. Kids can box, play golf, tennis or even bowl, which really comes in handy on those rainy days that keep them stuck inside.

Kidoozie Super Skipper

This is an old concept that has been made new again by Kidoozie. Remember your old Skip-it? The design has been perfected and now multiple kids can play with it at the same time. Your children will enjoy all the jumping around and laughter is sure to ensue when they play together.



The classic bicycle is still one of the best outdoor toys for kids, but if your little ones are looking for something a bit different, hit the skateboard store. There’s a certain inherent cool factor that comes with skateboards or longboard skateboards and learning different skills can keep kids engaged for years to come. It’s a great toy for younger kids and allows them to grow their knowledge base with time and practice, teaching them perseverance and discipline.

Ultra Stomp Rocket

These are great for backyard fun. Kids need to stomp on the launch pad to get the rockets to fly and often siblings compete back and forth to see who can get the rocket to go highest. There are also double packs of these available which means that families with two kids won’t require one-at-a-time usage.


This option is for the more adventurous parents and requires a certain amount of backyard space, but whatever size you get a trampoline in, the kids will love it! The jumping around gives them plenty of exercise and if the tramp is large enough, your kids can play together on it. It also encourages tumbling and learning new skills. Anyone can join in with trampoline exercises for beginners which can be adapted to suit any ability.

Slackers 100 ft. Zipline Night Riderz Kit

For parents with a lot of space, this light-up zipline is a very cool alternative outdoor play activity for kids. With built-in LED lighting it can be used during the day or at night and will likely draw kids from all around the neighborhood to enjoy it. There are a number of instructions for safe installation and your kids will love the adventure of flying through the air.

Have fun and stay safe!

This post is written by Angela - mum of 2 and lover of outdoor activities
Image by kennymatic used under Creative Commons License.

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