Tuesday 24 November 2015

Kids And Video Games

This is a post by Sam Rimini.

Children love to play video games. Traditional toys from the old days don't play the role they used to, although a good old teddy bear is always appreciated, especially when it can be personalized like at Build-A-Bear. Also, there is no problem with parents feeling the need to enact a new set of rules to govern how long their kids are playing, which is the case with video or games, or which titles they are consuming. While many of them offer a variety of benefits to players and they're not only meant for kids, there are numerous disadvantages, as well. The time has come to take a closer look at the pros and cons associated with kids interacting with video games!


1. Increased Problem Solving Skills
Children often allow problems to frustrate them and their minds have not yet developed to the point where they can process complex issues. With video games, they are able to dip their toes into the problem solving waters by training their brain to come up with solutions for gaming related issues!

2. Motor Skills and Hand/Eye Coordination
If your child is old enough for first person shooters, they will have to operate a character who is doing multiple actions at the same time, which improves their hand/eye coordination. Motor skills are also worked upon, since the player must have highly developed visual attention skills and visual spatial ability in order to become consistently successful.

3. Bonding
Video games provide a fun activity for parents and kids to participate in together. There are numerous titles that offer equal levels of enjoyment to children and adults and allow families to discover common interests that they may have. They give parents a great chance to hang out with their children and develop a stronger, closer bond.


1. Social Isolation Risk
A child who is playing video games too frequently may become socially isolated and inept at making friends. They will spend less time seeking the company of family members and schoolmates and more time trying to reach the objectives laid out for them in the virtual world. Children who replace their social lives with video games are also likely to find it harder to make new friends as they grow older.

2. Obesity and Other Health Issues
If a child is spending hours a day playing video games, that means less time that they are spending on physical activity. Video games are considered to be one of the main catalysts of childhood obesity and there are various other health issues that can arise. What is more, excessive video game playing can cause a child to develop carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as skeletal disorders.

3. Exposure To Foul Language
As more and more children begin to do the majority of their gaming online, it is harder for parents to remain on top of the language and behaviors that they are exposed to. Online gaming leaves a child exposed to sexually charged language, racial slurs, profanity and could negatively influence the way they communicate with others.

All in all, moderation seems to be the key. Remember to give your children proper guidance and plan their schedules so there's appropriate amount of time for learning, physical activity and leisure. With the proper approach video games can bring both you and your kids great benefits


  1. I think in moderation games and Apps can be good. My son is obssessed with Minecraft at the moment and it is really helping his problem solving skills.

    1. My 5 year old is obsessed, but I've played with him for a bit and it's stunning how much it's helped his mental maths, reading and spelling! You do need to moderate them though, or they'd be on it 5 hours a day :)


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