Thursday 18 February 2016

Powered Hovercraft Technokit From Interplay Review (age 8+)

Our latest review for Interplay is from their Technokit range. The Powered Hovercraft kit makes a working battery-powered model just under 30cm (1ft) long. It's aimed at children aged 8+, so my 7 year old has the assistance of his big brother for this review...

Powered Hovercraft Technokit from Interplay Review

The kit is housed in a sturdy box, and contains everything you are going to need except a pair of scissors to cut the skirt and foam to length, and a screwdriver to open the battery housing - plus 4 x AAA batteries.

Contents of Powered Hovercraft Technokit

This is a kit recommended for age 8+, and there are some tiny and interesting bits included for making your model - 2 polystyrene trays form the main body, with shaped card, a fan and a long polythene tube for a skirt (attached using paper fasteners).

Children's hovercraft set review
Home made hovercraft components including fan

The instruction leaflet is nice and clear with good illustrations, but the actual folding of the card to make the airbox and rudder assembly is very tricky and possibly needs adult help for younger builders - you need more than 2 hands!

Kids craft home made hovercraft kit Interplay
Kids Science hovercraft with battery power

The finished model is as expected very light, but it's pretty solid and works really very well. It's quick and turns itself nicely when it hits a wall, and isn't too noisy. It works best obviously on a hard surface, so our wooden flooring is perfect. It's not designed to work on water because for this age and ability group the fan isn't quite powerful enough and the 'balloon skirt' is not sturdy enough to hold the craft raised above the water, it will drag, slow due to friction and sink.

The hovercraft is hard to make go in a perfectly straight line unless you have adult patience, however circling round in the hallway made my younger children happiest anyway!

Interplay Technokit Science Powered Hovercraft for children

This is a great kit that really expands your child's scientific understanding.  Depending on their age and level of ability it can help them understand friction, speed, air pressure, electric circuits and so much more. It's great fun and my young boys have had a whale of a time playing with it - their big brother has barely had a chance to have a go himself!

The Powered Hovercraft from Interplay has a recommended price of £19.99 and is available from a range of outlets including online from the Interplay website.

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We were sent our Hovercraft for review.


  1. i bought the same a year ago. do you the power of the electrical engine because i want to use it for a new hovercraft model?

    1. Hiya, I'm not sure of the strength of the motors to be honest - if you still have your leaflets then it'll say in there, or you can ask Interplay and they'll tell you :)


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