Thursday 17 March 2016

Adrienne Attoms Volcano Experiment for British Science Week

11-20 March is British Science Week and I took very little persuasion to join in with my 2 youngest children. I love watching children learn and explore their world, and simple science experiments at home are a brilliant way to have some real fun with your children.

We were given the opportunity to test another of the great Project MC2 dolls. We have previously reviewed the McKeyla doll with her Lava Lamp experiment, and now we've been sent the Adrienne Attoms doll with Volcano Experiment - one of my all-time favourite kitchen science experiments.

Everything you need is included except items you can find around the home - in this case a plate, vinegar, baking soda (baking powder), red food colouring and 2 drops of washing up liquid.

Fill the volcano with baking powder, 2 drops of washing up liquid and the food colouring. Use the pipette to add vinegar and your chemical reaction should start...

The boys were suitably impressed!!

This experiment rarely, if ever, fails and using the pipette and the volcano model makes it special. It's also a fairly clean and very neat way of creating a really good volcano. Both boys were absolutely enthralled, and delighted when they realised they continue adding more ingredients and keep their lava kept them busy for almost an hour...

As with all science experiments, especially those involving food colouring, it is wise to wear an apron (if your child will) or some old clothes, and protect surfaces. Our table wipes clean, it's made of some kind of magic. The hand print on his school top may not be so easy to remove, but thankfully he's mainly washable.

I was happy to leave my son to play, he was enjoying himself so much, and learning so much. He now understands why cakes rise and what plants breathe, and he knows he is holding a 'pipette', which has taught him a lot about displacement and a couple of other scientific principles.

Of course there is also a doll. Adrienne Attoms is one of the characters in the Netflix TV show Project MC2. 

Project MC2 has the aim to get young girls interested in science. With the tagline that 'smart is the new cool', the characters rely on their brains to solve problems and get themselves out of the inevitable scrapes.

Adrienne is not my ideal sort of doll, she's a little overly tall and slim, and those heels are outrageous for school, but I can appreciate that to compete and appeal to young girls who would usually shy away from science, she might have to be like that.

She is a very pretty doll with a lovely texture to her face, and frankly gorgeous hair. The packaging is overly complicated in my opinion. Remove the entire back card from the box for quickest opening.

Adrienne is very nicely made, and she's very posable and nicely balanced - she stands well without her stand.

I know our girls would have definitely asked for these dolls when they were aged around 6-11 and we would have bought them happily. I like the fact this character is proud to wear glasses, and is accepted as being pretty as well as clever.

Over the last 22 years of being a parent I do see an improvement. We can get all girls interested in science, and it is okay for boys to play with dolls...

The Project MC2 dolls are on sale now. There are 4 different characters with their own experiment with an rrp of £24.99 each, and 4 dolls without an experiment rrp £14.99. Available in all good toy shops and online. 

For 2016 Project MC2 will be releasing a host of new dolls with experiments including a wind up pet robot, perfume, an invisible ink pen and a light up bracelet, as well as two amazing experiment sets featuring a rocket and a fruit and vegetable powered piano! Follow on Facebook for exclusive competitions and news at Project MC2 UK

We were sent our MC2 Adrienne with Volcano doll for review.


  1. Wow these look super fun

    Perfect to learn and have fun too

    1. Definitely a great way to learn - and they had a great time! Thanks for commenting Margaret :)


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