Monday 7 March 2016

Playing With Yoxo - Cardboard construction toy review

We get to play with some awesome toys sometimes that sadly aren't yet available for our friends, and Yoxo is one of them. We were sent our Yoxo from America where it is available to buy already. The range is expanding as we speak, the company is growing and hopefully sometime soon it'll be in store for my more local readers too.

As soon as I saw the boxes I knew this was special. There was a GIRL!!! On a construction toy box - not only is she a girl, but she isn't making flowers or kittens, she's building a car. Brilliant.

Because girls do drive cars you know...

Yoxo is thick shaped card with slots and moulded corners. It is the right size to fit together not only with itself, but with loads of your other toys - including LEGO, cardboard boxes, kitchen towel rolls and all sorts.

We weren't brave to start with, and it was a new idea, so we set to work following the instructions to build the first couple of models. The robot we love. He stood in our living room for a week.

You can see the pride in my son's face - he adored his spaceship.

The next thing we built is the most complex we have so far. I think as we kept adding to our Space Station it just kept getting more complicated and intertwined.  Yoxo is great for creating different levels and floors, so the Space Station had plenty of room for the basement shark pool...

Because there are different shapes of Yoxo, there are loads of possible combinations, so it's great for making irregular shapes. With LEGO plates and cardboard tubes it makes great trees.

The trees (and the Rabbitat) made a perfect scenery for playing with our Jurassic World dinosaurs...

We have however at times played with our Yoxo in a more gentle manner, and had a family challenge to create a Bee (our 5 year old's random choice)...

And to go with the Bee (which I think looks almost like a Kingfisher), we made a beautiful flower...

Bee? Kingfisher? Crow? Yoxo is pretty good at being anything you want it to be.

Yoxo is available to buy now from Amazon and kits start at £9.99. You can find out all that you need to know on the Yoxo US website.

I wasn't under any obligation to post this review, but I think it's great, so I did.


  1. This looks fantastic, just the kind of toy the twins love. Luckily my sister is off to Florida soon so it will be on my shopping list 😀 . Thanks for the review.

    1. Awesome - and thank you! It really is a great construction toy and one I hope they do bring over here - but at least it'll have no problem going through customs! :D

  2. These look amazing. Simple and fun. Looking forward to them being available in the UK x

    1. It's a great toy for bringing out the imagination in anyone :)

  3. These look fantastic
    My nephews would have great fun and learning with these
    Thankyou for the great review

    1. You're welcome Margaret and thank you very much for your lovely comment! :)


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