Tuesday 22 March 2016

Family Lunch review at Brewers Fayre, Stable Gate, Denton.

It's been a long time since we visited a Brewers Fayre, but I was aware they have good food at sensible prices, and I had heard they have brought in Dennis The menace and Gnasher to help entertain the children while you are there. We were invited to try the recently relaunched play area at Brewers Fayre, Stable Gate, Denton to take a look and sample the food.

Family Lunch review at Brewers Fayre, Stable Gate, Denton.

There's a nice big car park, and the fresh buildings of the Premier Inn next door give a really clean and modern outlook. Inside we received a really warm welcome from the very friendly staff, and went off to test out the new play area.

The play area has been allocated a large section to one end of the Brewers Fayre, and this space has been used very well to give an area for younger children, the huge climbing frame and plenty of seating. Even with quite a few children running around it felt very large and clean and wasn't intimidating. The tables have Dennis The Menace colouring and activity sheets for when children want something a bit calmer.

soft play review at Brewers Fayre, Stable Gate, Denton.

Access to the play area is £3 for 90 minutes, and parents do remain responsible for their children, although there are staff supervising the area.

We were lucky - very special visitors were also in Denton that day - Dennis The Menace and his dog Gnasher....

meeting dennis the menace and gnasher
soft play review at Brewers Fayre, Stable Gate, Denton.

 And a photographer who took some more daring photos actually inside the soft play climbing frame...

inside the soft play area review at Brewers Fayre, Stable Gate, Denton.

Then it was time to eat. The layout is really varied, so you can eat at a table with a big window, in rows, in small tables or in nooks. We were given a really nice little corner nook which was almost like a private booth, lovely for a family meal.

dining area Brewers Fayre, Stable Gate, Denton.

The main courses were from the special lunchtime price '2 for £10.99' menu, and the children's meals only cost £4.99 each for 3 courses. We all chose fairly standard 'pub grub', but the Brewers Fayre menu includes items such as 'Red Pepper and Caramelised Onion Quiche'. I actually asked if they could do me a vegetarian version of the classic 'Sausage, Egg and Chips' and sure enough they did - vegetarian children's meals are also available.

food review  Brewers Fayre, Stable Gate, Denton.

The food was nicely cooked and wasn't greasy. There were no unpleasant cooking smells anywhere that we went, and food was served at a good temperature.  Chips were crispy, eggs just runny in the yolk, and condiments delivered alongside as well as being asked by the waiting staff if we would like anything.

Non-alcoholic drinks are especially good value at Brewers Fayre. Soft drinks and warm drinks both have bottomless refills, with self-service areas which were spotlessly clean and tidy.

free drinks refills Brewers Fayre, Stable Gate, Denton.

 Desserts are the part of any meal that children especially look forward to, and mine are no exception. They chose Ice Cream, and 'Tricky Minnie Doughnuts' - which you dip into chocolate sauce and sprinkles yourself at the table - what could make a 6 year old happier? .

The rest of us all chose Warm Chocolate Brownie from the '2 Desserts For £2.50' lunchtime special price menu, and it was lovely. Clean plates all round...

desserts review Brewers Fayre, Stable Gate, Denton.

The play area was clean and bright and airy, and the noise largely contained behind the double doors. The staff were attentive both to us and our children, and the play area supervisers were absolutely lovely, as well as experienced and sensitive. They watched the children like hawks, and spent most of their time inside the climbing frame actively participating.

Throughout our meal the staff were attentive and polite and we didn't have anyone hover over us, but nor did we have to flap our arms to catch anyone's attention. They were really 'human', and no request was too much bother. I felt valued and that my children were really welcomed.

I threw a couple of spanners into the works by requesting a meal that wasn't exactly as on the menu, and bringing along an extra teenager who would have been left at home alone otherwise. The staff dealt with it all very well, and really couldn't have make anything work better.

The Brewers Fayre, Stable Gate, Denton is open each weekday from 6.30am-10.30am for breakfast,  (weekends 7am-11am). Opens 12 noon everyday until 11pm (except Sundays 10.30pm). Children's play costs £3 for 90 minutes.

Our meal and time the children spent in the play area was free of charge for review.

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