Sunday 20 March 2016

LEGO DC Justice League: Cosmic Clash DVD Review

If you're going to review one LEGO movie in a week, why not make it two. Out tomorrow March 21st, just in time for the Easter break, LEGO are back with their latest home movie. LEGO DC Justice League: Cosmic Clash will be available on Blu-ray and DVD.

We were sent a copy to review, and it doesn't disappoint. Fairly standard LEGO fayre, with plenty to offer the more mature audience, the tongue-in-cheek humour and sarcastic facial expressions of the characters make this a great all-round family movie.

The storyline focuses on the Justice League - a group of DC Superheroes including Supergirl, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Cyborg. Less known characters such as Saturn girl, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Vandal Savage and Captain fear also make appearances, so they make a really impressive group all together and can please all of the superhero fans.

Regular Super-Villains step aside in LEGO DC Justice League: Cosmic Clash as there is only 1 bad guy - well, lots of bad guys, but they're all copies. The Earth is under threat from the Alien robot Brainiac, who is 'condensing' planets into tiny miniatures for easy storage, to add to his impressive collection stored on shelves around his room. He wants to take Earth next, and forms his own robot army to attack, and it's up to the Justice League to stop him.

There's a clip from the movie below...

There is a Bonus Feature included on both Blu-ray and DVD - ‘The Justice League caught on camera', which is a nice little montage of clips which 'didn't make the final cut', or were filmed especially. It's the touches that make LEGO movies special.

LEGO DC Justice League: Cosmic Clash is a good LEGO movie. I enjoyed it and my boys have watched it twice now and can relate the whole story - but when asked they both think the funniest bit is right at the end, when justice has been served and Brainiac attempts to start a new collection. It's a bit less ambitious than entire planets...

LEGO DC Justice League: Cosmic Clash is available to own from tomorrow on Blu-ray (£10) and DVD (£7). The runtime is 78 minutes and it is certificate PG because of the fantasy violence (LEGO minifigures don't die, but they do fall apart, shoot stud guns and bash things).

Find out more on the DC Superheroes section of the LEGO website.


  1. This looks fab! I quite enjoy the Lego mini movies.

    1. I like them. I think they're very cleverly done and always funny - the sense of humour suits me perfectly :D

  2. They look ace! Sound like another great LEGO movies.

    1. I like the LEGO movies, they're so tongue-in-cheek, it's briliant :)


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