Monday 11 July 2016

Cash 'n Guns (Second Edition) Family Game Review (10+)

There's no better time spent at home with our teenagers than a family games night, and Cash 'n Guns from Ludovic Maublanc makes it a games night where you point rubber guns at each other and try to steal as much as possible from the other players. It's great...

Cash 'n Guns (Second Edition) is our latest review from distributor Esdevium Games. Best suited for 4-8 players aged 10+.

Each player takes on the role of a gangster, and the scene which unfolds is what happens next after a huge heist. The loot needs to be divided up, but everybody wants it, and everyone is carrying a gun!

Inside the box we have 3 main sets of cards - Bullet Cards, Loot and optional character Power Cards (these make the game a little more tricky), sticking plasters, the Godfather's Desk, Diamond bonus card, New Godfather Card and press out characters, and the all-important rubber guns... In common with a lot of games from Esdevium, there are also empty plastic bags for you to safely store small pieces afterwards - genius.

Initial set up only takes 5 minutes, and the game is played through 8 rounds that only take around 5 minutes each. The rules seem tricky on paper, but they are really easy to grasp.

Each player is given 8 bullet cards - 3 'Bang' and 5 'Click'. Everyone chooses a character and the oldest player becomes The Boss. Written on the back of their desk are the 7 steps that need to be taken each round.

Each round goes as follows:

1. Loot - 8 Loot Cards are placed face up on the table.
2. Choice of the Bullet Card - Players secretly decide whether to play a 'Bang' or 'Click' Bullet Card.
3. Hold-Up - Players 'hold-up' another player by pointing their gun at them.
4. Godfather's Privilege - The Godfather can ask another player to point their gun somewhere else.
5. Courage - Players now decide whether they wish to continue and risk injury, or step out of this round.
6. Card Effects - Players show their bullet cards and if shot, a player is not entitled to any loot this round and must take a plaster. If a player has to take a third plaster, they are out of the game.
7. Loot Sharing - Any remaining players share out the loot, starting with the Godfather.

Cash 'n Guns is a great game. Quick and hilariously funny, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. There were plenty of laughs, several cries of "you shot me!" and the most ruthless players got to attempt revenge throughout. This was a brilliant game to play with a couple of our older children, perfect for multi-generational play. I feel the age range is right, younger children will not be able to work out moves quickly enough, may be upset to be shot out of the game by their Mum and would generally be frustrated.

There are definitely strategies to learn, there's much room for improvement, but the outcome is very dependent on what the other players do, and the random factors. Adding each of the 16 different optional character Power Cards changes gameplay, (by giving you extra loot, exchanging cards etc.) so there's real longevity in Cash n' Guns.

We highly recommend it, it's great. 

Cash 'n Guns (Second Edition) is available to buy now. The rrp is £24.99 and you can find it online at Amazon or in store. For your nearest stockist see the Games Store Finder.

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