Wednesday 6 July 2016

Liquiproof Protector for Fabric, Suede, Nubuck and Sheepskin Review

Liquiproof is a protector and waterproofer for fabrics that is inert and harmless. Odour-free with zero toxicity, it carries no allergic warnings and is the world's only permanent, invisible, water-based, eco-friendly, non-flammable and 100% breathable spray suitable for footwear.

The proofing will not only waterproof and oil-proof your fabrics, it'll also help prevent anything staining them - it should wipe straight off. Liquiproof secured funding from Touker Suleyman on Dragon's Den, and it's pretty easy to see why.

Liquiproof Protector for Fabric, Suede, Nubuck and Sheepskin claims to provide a truly waterproof finish to pretty much any fabric, (except leather, which has it's own product - Liquiproof Leather Protector) without affecting flexibility.

Just imagine waterproofing the bottom of the legs on your jeans, protecting the front of your favourite white t-shirt from dinner spillage stains, or having the only waterproof comfy snuggly blanket at the festival.

I'd hoped we could get out some larger camping equipment and waterproof that, but the weather has not been ideal for tents this past 2 weeks, so the obvious thing to try was shoes. Treating new fabrics is always best if possible. I have a gorgeous pair of Hotter shoes that aren't new, but I've kept really clean, and I want them to stay that way.

I sprayed the liquid onto my shoes as directed - from about 10-15cm away until the fabric was damp, then rubbed it gently with a soft brush. I did this twice, waiting 10 minutes in between. The treated shoe is always shown on the left.

I was a bit nervous spraying onto the different fabrics of the shoe, especially suede, but after reading all the science behind Liquiproof I felt quite confident. The solution actually contains Silicone Dioxide, or quartz - most commonly found as sand, and it's what we use to make glass. After curing has taken place (24-36 hours) your fabric in basically coated in an incredibly thin layer of glass.

24 hours later and you can see a slight difference between the shoes, the treated shoe looks more even, with a slightly brighter colour, and has no uneven colour or shading from the Liquiproof. Now for the real test.

The results were fairly obvious. I held the first shoe under the water for a few seconds, trying to get it really visibly 'wet', the second one then stunned me as it was instantly soaked. It was a bit of a 'wow' moment. I'm really impressed.

Afterwards I had one damp spot on the treated shoe (probably where I applied the solution too thinly), the second shoe was wet right through the fabric, and had several dark wet patches show up on the suede.

You can't 'feel' anything on the shoe, there aren't any clues it has been treated and it's just as comfortable to wear. The suede and other fabrics haven't suffered at all. I should now be able to clean my shoe with simple tap water and a soft brush if it ever gets dirty, and restore it to it's former glory stain-free. It's beyond what I'd hoped for and really a great product.

Liquiproof Fabric Protector can be used on so many items that it would be impossible to list them all, but it includes everything from Wedding dresses, bedspreads, suits, ties and school blazers to curtains, rugs and pushchairs, tents and vehicle interiors.

Basically if it's made from any fabric that isn't leather, you're good to go with the Liquiproof Protector...

A 50ml bottle of Liquiproof Protector for Fabric, Suede, Nubuck and Sheepskin or Liquiproof Leather Protector costs £10, and is recommended to treat up to 2m square - 2 pairs of adult sized shoes or 1 pair of boots, such as sheepskin.

If you have a larger item to treat, such as a jacket, then the Liquiproof Protector 250ml bottle costs £40, and can treat up to 10m square - 14 pairs of shoes or 3 large coats, or a whole sofa. 

It might feel an expensive outlay, but it's one which can really save you good hard cash in the future. It'll easily double the length of time my pale-coloured shoes look good, and I won't panic about walking over damp grass or a muddy path. Protecting a new sofa or new Winter boots has to be a worthwhile investment, as does that expensive jacket. I'm really pleased with the results, my only complaint is that I was so worried about ruining my shoes that I was skimpy on the amount I used. I can however just put on another coat sometime in the future, but I have my other shoe to do first...

Liquiproof Protector is available to buy now from the Liquiproof website, where you can also find out anything else you'd like to know about Liquiproof, ask the inventor a question, watch videos for hints and tips when protecting your fabrics, and get a better idea of just how many things can be protected by Liquiproof.

We were sent our Liquiproof for review.


  1. This looks really good. I am thinking about getting this for the boys new trainers for school as they picked those fabric style and I'm not sure they are waterproof x

    1. It really is perfect for that. We've used our bottle already, but on things we really like. It feels good to know we just massively increased it's lifespan and usefulness in one! :D

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