Thursday 7 July 2016

What do British holidaymakers miss the most from home?

When you go away on holiday there are always certain home comforts that you do miss, however much fun you are having. A survey by the bedding company Silentnight found that 'Family' didn't come top, instead 6 out of 10 of the British public miss their own bed more.

The survey, carried out by One Poll, asked what made a dream holiday for UK consumers. Peace and home comforts are top of the list, with 52% of British holidaymakers wanting rest and relaxation above everything else. I know when I go away, it's far easier to come home shattered than rested. You need a week off work to get over it.

41% of respondents listed a good night’s sleep as a key criteria for their dream holiday, with 75% of respondents saying that fluffy pillows and duvets were more important than a balcony or mini bar in the hotel room. I definitely agree with this. I like to be able to make a coffee too, a kettle beats a mini bar any day.

When it comes to the location for our dream holiday, only 11% of Brits are confident they will visit all of their dream destinations. This is despite the fact that for 60% of us, there are only two places on our list of dream holidays. This is really quite sad, and I think we need to inject some positivity. The world is getting smaller, we can whip around it ever-quicker. We should all expect to reach our dream destination.

I have one dream destination. I want to see the Northern Lights. That's it. Complete bucket list.

Obviously a dream holiday wouldn't feature anything you didn't like, but when asked what could ruin a good holiday, the top 6 are:

1. Noisy, badly behaved children
2. Drunk people
3. The accommodation not being as described
4. Bad food
5. Being unable to sleep
6. People hogging the sun loungers

I think other people's children are often less tolerable than your own, partly because you have become immune to the sound of your own child whining. Your child laughing and giggling is joy to your ears, their over-excitement justification of the 3 month's wages and 2 year's worth of stress this holiday has cost you. Someone else's child screeching and leaping around the corridor isn't so much fun.

Drunk people are mainly amusing only in small doses, and I really would be annoyed if accommodation wasn't as described. With a large family especially, it's not so easy to 'make it work', and space and sleeping arrangements can make or break a holiday.

Bad food is something I expect on holiday. I want a break and I'm willing to sacrifice enjoyable food if necessary. In a previous life I was known as The Pot Noodle Princess, a title I bore well.

Being unable to sleep is a popular pastime for parents, but we learn to cope on odd hours stitched together, and we aren't happy if we are still awake at night while our little ones are sleeping. I would place being unable to sleep very high up my list.

Sunloungers are not something I usually find on holiday, which is often a field somewhere North of York. Deckchairs and camp chairs tend to be bring your own.

The Silentnight Dream Holiday survey was carried out with a database of 1000 UK adults to launch its Dream Holiday promotion which offers consumers the chance to Win The Holiday Of Your Dreams, as well as lots of other prizes, whenever you buy any Silentnight 'Comfy Quilts' stickered product.

In total there are 3011 prizes to be won, including 5 holidays worth up to £2500, 24 iPads, Bikes, Experience Days, Fitness Equipment and High Street Vouchers. Each stickered pack has a special code to enter on the Silentnight website, where you can also find out all you'd need to know about the promotion, which runs until 19th December 2016.

We've been given some bedding for the teenagers in return for the time taken over this post.


  1. Not being able to sleep because I'm too hot & stuffy is usually the only thing that annoys me on holiday. There is usually something edible on holiday & sun loungers are not my thing. Lovely post & wee cutie sleeping x

    1. That really annoys me. I get so hot, I'm designed for the Arctic Circle, 25 degrees is too hot for me :D
      Thanks for your lovely comments Susan xx

  2. I miss my sofa... my bed... my blanket... my kettle and mugs... just everything, I do love all my home comforts! :) xx

    1. Hahaha - you are thinking on my level, I can tell. I love the fact we have our own ceramic mugs in the camper :D


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