Tuesday 18 October 2016

Decorating Your House For Halloween with Wilko

We love Halloween, so a box full of decorations from the long-standing high street and online favourite Wilko was very well received. My boys took about 5 minutes to rummage through and find out how everything worked - and I am proud to say they both jumped many times! Mission accomplished...

We were sent some of the larger decorations for the home, as well as some goodies for the boys, and every skirt wearing reveller's Halloween essential - skeleton tights!

I'll start with Bloodcurdling Weapons (£1-£2). It really wouldn't be Halloween without someone swinging a fake blood-covered plastic something. These are pretty flexible plastic, so even though I'll no doubt have to deal with 'he hit me' incidents, we shouldn't have any actual injuries.

The Clawed Glove (£2) my boys adore. The gloves are 'one size (nearly) fits all' and a bit big for their hands, but they stay on and bend where they're meant to, so my 6 and 8 year olds have already worn these whilst watching TV, reading books and playing games on the PC. Really flexible, bendy plastic and adjustable for the purists, they are clearly more comfortable than they look....

Adult Skeleton Tights £3 (One size). These are exactly as you'd expect. Regular tights which are quite thick and warm (it is October). They'll last as long as any tights, and will definitely finish off any Halloween outfit which has a skirt. Stripey tights are also available in various colours for the witches amongst us...

The Large Copper Terracotta Pumpkin (£5) and Small Terracotta Pumpkin (£2) are nicely made and finished, thick pot and almost like cheating. Each year I spend ages putting candles in jars alongside our pumpkins - these are way better! Also available in silver.

The Big Mouth Drop Down Spider (£15) catches everyone out, even when you know what's coming. It's fitted with a motion sensor, so as soon as you get your hand nearby to take the goodies from his mouth, the spider drops and the lights come on, his eyes move and he starts laughing at you. He's a bit American, and maybe goes on a bit long (or maybe my 6 year old has set him off way too much). The kids love it, they think he's excellent, and I really can't wait to catch the Trick Or Treaters on Halloween - because his mouth is where our sweets are going to be....

The Wilko 40" Hanging Skull (£10) is definitely the creepiest item we have. It does need the button pressed to set it going, but a clever series of mirrors in the head mean the green light really flashes out of the eyes, and the sound is pretty spooky too. It only has a bar in the shoulders, but it works really well to give the illusion of a whole body in there.

My favourite item is the Frightful Doorbell (£7). There are several different ones, and this is an instore item only, so you get to see and pick for yourself. We've got Dracula, and he is another one that catches the children out every time. My 6 year old really squealed with this. The doorbell really doers chime when you press the button, but you also get attacked by his lizard-like tongue, his red eyes flash and then in a good and scary voice he mocks you..."Are you scared, little one?" or other phrases.

And the overall effect at night....I think you'll agree that is going to do the job just fine....

My boys liked their parcel so much that they wanted to show it to you, so here's their video and you can see and hear all of the battery operated items in action!

I'm really impressed. These are proper novelties, and they've caused much amusement. The claw gloves and weapons will get an outing at the school disco, and we can't wait for Halloween to really try everything else out, but I'm sure these decorations will be firm favourites for years to come.

All of these Halloween items, and hundreds more, are available from Wilko instore or online at the Halloween section of the Wilko website..
To find your nearest store use the Wilko Store Locator.

We were sent our box of Halloween goodies from Wilko for review.


  1. Love Halloween. These decorations look great and just look at their wee faces. Awesome x

    1. They had such fun. They really wanted to ham it up, and they did it brilliantly. We had such a laugh :D


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