Wednesday 5 October 2016

Pirate Ship Sticker Book Review from Carlton Kids

Released this week is the Pirate Ship Sticker Book. Written by Jim Pipe and Claire Sipi, and illustrated by Maria Taylor, it has all you could ever need to know about pirate life in the 18th century, with added stickers!

Recommended for children aged around 6+, the 48 page paperback book takes you on a trip aboard The Scurvy Dog with Captain Skull and his pirate crew. Your child can read all about what life was like for those on the ship, above and below decks. No gruesome detail is spared, and there are stickers to use to complete the images.

The stickers are good quality, nicely done and reusable. There are over 150 stickers which are found on tear out pages - this is a brilliant touch, and really makes it so much more fun than flipping constantly to the back of the book to look at them.

Sometimes stickers have specific places where they belong, but as often they are for your child to place wherever they feel it's appropriate - adding whatever luxuries you fancy to the Captain's Cabin for example. It's a really nice touch, and makes the book unique to your child.

As well as Captain Skull there are a whole crew of pirates, and it's nice to see that, just like real 18th century pirates, it didn't matter who you were or where you were from, as long as you wanted to be a pirate, you were in.

The images are at times a little crude, and at others magnificent, but it works and is very distinctive. It actually allows for some of the more grim features to be a little more 'grim', and this is pirates - there are plenty...

Our favourite feature of the Pirate Sticker Book is the small snippets of information littering each double page spread. Short paragraphs with pirate facts that every primary aged child should know...

My boys really like the Pirate Sticker Book, although they were slow at doing the stickers, mainly because they were reading. The facts are great, following the crew through the ship and then as they spend time ashore is a really good way to create a whole character and immerse yourself into their life. There's a lot to be learnt.

This is a great book for any newer or less confident independent reader. Text is broken into nicely managed chunks and the language used is familiar, but includes some quite tricky words, so encourages reluctant readers to 'give it a go'. The stickers are actually loads of fun, and the freestyle nature makes them better for your more 'mature' reader of 8 or 9.

Pirate Ship Sticker Book is published by Carlton Kids and released on Thursday 6th October rrp £5.99. Available at all good bookshops in store or online including Amazon.

 We were sent our copy of Pirate Sticker Book for review.

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