Saturday 1 October 2016

Hasbro Transformers Power Surge Optimus Prime Review (with Mini-Con Aerobolt) Age 5+

One of the newest toys from Hasbro is the Transformers: Robots In Disguise Power Surge Optimus Prime and Aerobolt. Suitable for children aged 5+, this is a big toy which does actually transform really well from robot to vehicle in 5 memorable and fairly intuitive steps.

Our box was a bit crumpled from it's journey, but the Transformer itself is fine. Made almost entirely from strong plastic, it's a sturdy model, only the 'bonnet' which hooks on as a backpack lets it down by falling off sometimes.

He's actually packaged surprisingly well, with minimal plastic and string, as well as some of the thin rubbery bands. Batteries are included, so a Christmas a morning winner.

The toys is one complete jointed model, with a removable backpack/cab bonnet, a two-part weapon and a Mini-Con. The Mini-Con is a 'weaponiser figure' which can be used to activate features on the main robot, and as a weapon or shield depending on how you position his wings.

In the case of Optimus Prime, when Aerobolt is attached to his chest it activates his 'Power Surge Mode' and his mask flies up in front of his face. The wings fly open, cannons raise on his shoulders and he makes battle sounds. (Other Mini-Con allies are available separately and have different battle sounds).

The are 4 modes of play. As well as Power Surge Mode there Robot Mode, Vehicle Mode and Flying Mode (when flying Optimus will make 'flying noises').


Transforming Optimus Prime is really easy. There's a clear set of images in the instruction booklet, but this model much more intuitive and simple than the Transformers my older boys played with 15 years ago! My 8 year old takes only a couple of minutes to transform the model during normal relaxed play.

The Hasbro Power Surge Optimus Prime is mostly plastic, with a few subtle metal screws and joints held in place with metal pins. When you are transforming the model, the parts which should move do seem to always 'give' first, in spite of some really tight clips. He is very flexible and should stand up to a good amount of rough play without breaking.


I'm really impressed with how easily the Hasbro Transformer Optimus Prime changes from vehicle to robot and back again, and although the finished model is very different from the original articulated lorry, it's incredibly effective and works as a proper vehicle to play with.

Some of the twisting and undoing to transform the model is quite tricky, and younger owners may need a bit of help while he's new and stiff. He balances well on his feet though, and shouldn't be frustrating - remember to unfold his shoes though or he'll never stand up!

If your child wants this as a main toy this Christmas then I don't think they'll be disappointed, it'll definitely be a winner, even though to a parent it may not be quite so exciting. Optimus Prime has plenty of play value and ties in with other figures and vehicles your child will have to extend play, even when they aren't playing 'Transformers'.

Hasbro Transformers Robots In Disguise Power Surge Optimus Prime with Mini-Con Aerobolt is suitable for children aged around 5+. Available now rrp £50 from all good toy shops instore and online - currently on offer at Smyths for £37.49. To find out more about Transformers take a look at the Hasbro Transformers website.

We were sent our Power Surge Optimus Prime Transformer toy for review.


  1. What a great toy. We love transformers, but always felt they were difficult to transform, this looks fab x

    1. Yep - it's definitely a far cry from the Optimus Prime my little brother had 30 years ago - you needed a degree and half an hour to transform that one! Hahaha

  2. .where is the battery compartment?

    1. Hiya. I can't actually see ours just now, but it's in the backpack - it comes with batteries included, and we haven't had to change ours - so after all of this time I probably should find it and make sure it isn't leaking!


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