Saturday 22 October 2016

Hot Wheels Track Builder System - Power Booster Kit Review

The Hot Wheels Track Builder System allows children of around 5+ to create all kinds of amazing layouts for their toy cars, full of whatever stunts your imagination can think up. You can even give your cars a helping hand to really speed up, and to do just that, we've been sent the Power Booster Kit to review.

Your set is packaged in the most amazing box. It's brilliant and I was delighted when I opened it. It opens properly and is designed to be saved and reused as storage, but also adds no end to play value...


This is a fabulous multiple use of something that already exists, and encourages children to (paradoxically) think 'outside the box', and hopefully begin to create their own cardboard track accessories and challenges.

There are 35 pieces in this set, although actually it seems more. Plenty of fixings and track to build the 6 different designs which are shown in the enclosed instruction booklet, or design your own, and of course it can be added to any of the other Track Builder System Kits.

Don't miss the car which is hidden, taped into a corner! It's a gorgeous, and very fast, Clear Speeder.

Track-building was easy as we've had quite a bit of practise, the instructions are easy to follow, and it's very intuitive. Everything slides neatly into the track shaping, so even as a complete novice you should have no issues.

The joining and clipping system is very good and your track won't fall apart during play, although especially when it's new and tight, younger track builders might want a hand putting it together - and will probably need a hand to dismantle.

The Power Booster itself takes 4 x D batteries - which most people don't have lying around. There's a  power pack and attached are the two power boosters themselves. Each has a soft rotating wheel inside which gives the cars a hefty boost as they pass through.

Hot Wheels tracks have been a constant in my life now for many years and all of my children have enjoyed making tracks that are faster, longer, taller or curvier than the rest. We have even made tracks to send cars all the way downstairs successfully. I haven't ever played with powered sets before though, the burst of speed is something else!

It's good to see Hot Wheels tracks have stood the test of time. My 6 and 8 year olds were just as excited to play with this as their older brothers were with the sets they had...and the new tracks have so many more options for attaching and design that it's a lot easier to get your track perfect, and a real pleasure to try them out.

The Power Booster works really well, and is powerful enough to keep most of our range of Hot Wheels cars going continuously around this figure of eight high looped track.

The loop-the-loop race is a bit more hit and miss, you need to make slight adjustments to your track to ensure the angles are right, it needs a bit of 'fettling', and it's rare we get two cars to complete the loop and end together - so far the winner is usually the only one who makes it!

A double loop has proven beyond our skill level at the moment, but my 6 year old is determined he will manage it eventually. With a single loop though we had great fun seeing who could score highest hitting the targets on the inside of the box.

My boys both think Hot Wheels Power Booster Kit is great. They've really enjoyed playing with it, as has their Dad! My 6 year old especially loves the speed of this track, and it really does allow anyone to achieve some loops and heights that you can't without power boost. It's actually very rewarding.

Hot Wheels Track Builder System - Power Booster Kit is a great set for any toy car fan and does add a lot of value to any existing track. Our Hot Wheels tracks have been used, abused and added to over the last 15 or so years, and they're one of the few toys that has never been consigned to the loft. I have no doubt that before long it'll all be brought out and we'll have some amazingly long powered tracks filling my living room...I can't wait.

You can find out loads more about the Hot Wheels Track Builder System, plus play games and learn about the cars, and watch videos on the Hot Wheels Website.  If you mainly want to keep up with news and watch videos then you can also find Hot Wheels on You Tube.

The Hot Wheels Track Builder System power Booster Kit is available to buy now, rrp £39.99, but it is currently on offer at around £30 from ASDA, Tesco and Debenhams, and online at Amazon.

We were sent our Hot Wheels Power Booster Kit for review.

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