Wednesday 12 October 2016

Patak's Frozen Ready Meal Curries Review

For years I've used Patak's sauces as a cheaty and totally reliable method of making curries whenever I'm short on time. They have now released their own range of complete frozen curry meals, and we were sent a sample to try...

We made a night of it, and had a bit of a Halloween party, inviting along Sim and Liv from Simslife Blog, as well as a couple of our young people's friends who were hanging around the place looking hungry.

It'll come as no surprise to the parents among us, but the Chicken Korma and Chicken Tikka Masala were the definite favourites among the children. Plenty of flavour, and not too spicy. The Korma isn't overpowered by the coconut either, it has a nice full taste and smell - according to the meat-eaters.

The Halloween party was a real hit too...


I'm vegetarian, and there is an option for me in the Vegetable Jalfrezi. It was really tasty, with some spice, around the right level for the '2 chilli's' rating it gets.

There are various 'chilli levels' , the hottest being the Chicken Vindaloo at 4 and Beef Madras at 3, and both were tested by my partner, who said they were not incredibly spicy, but as a guide the chilli rating worked really well.

Each frozen meal costs £2 and is a complete 'meal for one' with pilau rice. The rice is really good, nice and fluffy and doesn't suffer from either microwave or oven cooking.

The curries themselves do lack a bit of substance. There is a lot of sauce for the quantity of solid ingredients in each curry, but it goes a treat with nan breads or chapati. At 425g frozen weight each, they fill me and the little boys up, but not my big grown up lads.

The new frozen Patak's curries are available to buy now from all major supermarkets with an rrp of £2, but are currently on special offer at around £1.50 - £1.70 at a variety of stores. Stock varies, so check before you buy.

I think for that price you really can't ask for much more for your money, and they're a great freezer standby which my teenagers are more than happy to cook for themselves!


  1. The curries were delicious - could quite happily have eaten two of them! Sim x

    1. :D I couldn't quite eat two! It was really tasty - gorgeous sauce.


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