Tuesday 25 July 2017

Family London - a London Days Out Guidebook for Families review.

Family London is a new release from Frances Lincoln. Written by Jimi Famurewa, with photographs by Camille Mack, it is a compilation of 100 fun places to visit in London with children. There are ideas for any age from tots to teens - perfect for a family like mine...

I admit I expected it to be bigger, but actually this is perfect. Family London is ideal for taking with you and fits in your hand or a large pocket. The days out are split into 7 sections, with maps at the end.

The 7 sections are enough to whet your appetite. The usual and the more intriguing...

Parks, Playgrounds and Secret Gardens
Museums and Galleries
Grand Days Out
Where The Wild Things Are
Gimme Shelter
Teenage Kicks
Cafes And Restaurants

I like taking the children to London, it's a big and exciting day trip for us and we've made some great memories there. We usually travel down for events and our time is mostly taken, but what if you have a spare few hours? This really is the ideal book for a tourist and also very handy for a local. It's often the closer attractions that we never get around to visiting.

The photographs accompanying the text are bright and happy and the whole book is written in a relaxed and quite chatty style. It's very honest and you feel as if you are being given 'inside information' and tips, which could be really useful - where to hire things you've forgotten or which hidden door not to miss. 

Family London is a lovely book. It's a great format and I'll certainly take it with us when we visit. At rrp £9.99 it's a very fair price for such a useful and frankly fascinating book. I've poured over it for ages and I have no plans to visit London any time soon at all!

Family London is available to buy now. Priced £9.99 rrp and with 192 pages including maps, it's a great book for anyone spending time in the capital with children and wondering what to do to entertain them.

We were sent our copy of Family London for review.

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