Friday 28 July 2017

Flip Out Blackburn Trampoline Theme Park Review

Flip Out Blackburn opens to the public TODAY! We were among the lucky people to get a preview visit yesterday evening. We spent a good 2 hours there, plus around 20 minutes for the safety briefing and to get sorted beforehand - you have special Flip Out socks...

As soon as we arrived at the Blackburn Soccerdome we knew we were in the right place.....don't forget to add your vehicle registration into the machine for free parking as you pay.

Every participant is given special grippy green Flip Out socks and you have to wear them. My kids can be a bit funny about new clothes, so we had a little skriking and grumpiness at first, but he soon got over it.

Trampolining can be dangerous, so you have a safety briefing which is really well done. There's a short and funny video which shows you exactly why things are dangerous or daft, and how you should behave - the skill level in the video is something else! There are questions afterwards too, so pay attention.

The main rules are that younger kids always take priority and don't jump beyond your own ability.

Then you are set loose. The sheer size of Flip Out is jaw-dropping. My youngest forgot entirely about his socks (which we all thought were great), because he was in heaven. He loves jumping and climbing and being a Ninja.... (Click on photos to enlarge them).

There are several areas in the park and only a couple have height limits (although you probably won't be encouraging toddlers to play dodgeball or total wipeout).

140 interconnected trampolines with a separated children’s trampoline area.

Anyone else thinking of Metal Gear Solid right now?

Laser Maze

The world’s largest Stunt Box Area (Adults Only 1.5m+) and a more child-friendly stunt box too

Total Wipeout, Battle Beams

Foam pits can be deeper than you think
Kids magically float on foam

Trampoline Football


Slam Dunk Basketball Hoops

Look at the height on that!

Last but not least, The Ninja Warrior Course (1.2m+). We are long time fans of Ninja Warrior in our house, so this was one that my 8 year old and my partner got stuck into. My partner says it was worth it, but maybe he can only manage it once a year...

Looks awesome doesn't he? I'm so proud. He did touch the floor about 30 times between those photos, but still proud. Then it was my partner's turn.

He vanished into those huge slices of cheese for ages. Then we could see the weird hedges moving, and eventually he appeared...

He made it across the hoops without touching the floor once. Did he make it up the final obstacle?

Nah. He'd had it. He can barely walk now, it's hilarious. Awesome attempt though, I'm very proud.

We had an excellent time. The boys bounced for pretty much 2 hours and my 8 year old was asleep before I even went to check he was in bed. Toddlers can run and fall over, adults can play and be kids, athletes can practise. I can have a gentle delicate bounce and be happy. It's got something for everyone.

Flip Out has a lot of staff and everyone was really chatty and ready to help. The guy marshalling the small trampolines in the 'Kids Park' for most of the evening was superb. My children listened and paid attention, and I felt like the staff were a real team who were proud of their roles.

Book online on the Flip Out Blackburn website. Free jumping costs £9.95 for a taster hour or a full 2 hours is £14.95.  

The website is the only thing about Flip Out I didn't really like - it's pretty poor at giving you any information. You can book Flip Out for parties for kids or adults, and they have fitness classes and kids classes at certain times. You can ring or email the centre for further details.

Our visit was free for review.


  1. We have one of these not to far away in Glasgow. Not been yet, but looks a lot of fun x

    1. It's awesome - the boys had such a great time. We enjoyed it too - it's fun having a good bounce :D

  2. On first entry the tunnel looks good in the green the desk on entry the staff were very informative and helpfully.on waiting for the video of trampolining, it was far to long a waiting time and when finally going in the room was to dark for a lot of people to be walking into at once..the locker area is good but there are no benches for getting changed onto before going on or even after you come have to sit on the floor..Not good idea flipout...waiting area to go on to trampolining should be sorted out better!..the dodge ball area should have more and better balls to play with..I played dodge ball with 1 pepper pig ball..what is all this about people..the trampoline arena is far to smokey..why or why do you need smoke in a trampoline area..not good..😠..far to many kids in the parkour area ,small kids that can't properly trampoline getting in the way of other trampoliners..the small trampoline area is far to big as when I was there only 1 child was on the trampolines. Not getting used sufficiently..make the parkour area bigger...trampoline football waist of time..boys just playing football and the ball going allover the place..needs to be cordened of so players and ball stay in its area ..the adult parkour area wasn't available on the day of opening as it wasn't ready..flipout blackburn please😠😠..the main trampoline area is good but needs a few different things on it. Far to boring...the best thing is the ninja warrior area as I went on it and completed it without touching the floor once and made it up the wall aswell..was absolutely aching after thatπŸ‘..the cafe area needs more chairs and tables to sit outside the cafe shop on..prices are far too are pricing families out of paying for anything..they need to supply jugs of cordial for to expensive..Cafe people take note😠..flipout blackburn you need a sign on the entrance to let people know we're to go when I was there,every person went to the soccer domestic desk to ask were to go to..also you need to have a sign to tell people to sign in for there car registration...I will not be going back to this flipout arena it is far to expensive and not the biggest or best in Lancashire πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ .

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write so much! They do need benches - we weren't sure if these would be there when it officially opened, so didn't mention it, and I agree there is so much space on that balcony they can put loads more benches or chairs and people can all still watch their children while they have a brew. Food is fairly standard to be honest - 5 to 6 quid is your price for an 'adult' meal everywhere, and it's prohibitive if there are a few of you - my kids rarely even ask nowadays :D
      The Dodgeball went like clockwork the entire time we were there, so I don't know what happened with yours, but 1 ball clearly isn't sufficient. We were there later on, and the kids trampolines weren't busy, I think they'll be used much more during the day in termtime for pre-school groups.
      I mentioned the car registration because it scared us when we pulled up, we thought we'd have to leave after 55 minutes - but once you are signed in then it's sorted. They do need more signs - the ladies toilets weren't open when we went, so I had to go to reception and I couldn't find my way back in :D
      Sorry your experience was'nt a good one, I'm sure your comments are actually really helpful - genuine thanks for them. Well done for completing the Ninja Warrior course though!! My OH really impressed me, but he could not get up that wall :D


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