Wednesday 12 July 2017

Hot Wheels Fidget Spinnerz are far more beautiful than you knew...

When Bladez Toyz offered me Hot Wheels Spinnerz to review, I'll admit I didn't realise what I was agreeing to. 3 fidget spinners turned up and I was momentarily disappointed as my 7 year old has been obsessed now for months. But then I realised why he likes them...they are really beautiful spinners and mesmerising to watch.

The Spinnerz are available in Hot Wheels or Barbie designs (for those who prefer something a little more pink) and we did have a moment or two wondering how to extricate them from their packaging.

You do actually take them to pieces to remove them - once we'd realised that it wasn't so hard.

Before you pop the cover back onto the bearings, you can marvel at the work that goes into making a fidget spinner - in this case they are well-made as you'd expect, and if/when they do eventually start to grind, a squirt of WD40 onto the ball-bearings will bring them back to slick and almost silent working order.

When you have 3 of something then it instantly offers up other opportunities, and that's when we all got really interested. If you haven't seen a room full of young people completely speechless and enamoured by 3 fidget spinners on a table, you should try it - it's an amazing thing...

The colouring of the Hot Wheels Fidget Spinnerz is really well done, with the faded edges that show white when they spin, and when it's pretty fast, you can almost see petals....

Everyone here has played with these - we'd lost 1 within 3 hours of them arriving - they are brilliant at skittering under sofas. They've genuinely been incredibly popular because they do look so amazing. Obviously they are a children's fidget toy, but my 7 yo has resorted to hiding them so that he keeps hold of them...

My 7yo has previously paid £3-£6 for his fidget spinner collection and none of them are as nice-looking or smooth-running as the Hot Wheels Spinnerz. These are by far the best fidget spinners that I've ever tried, and probably the only ones that have ever really interested any of the adults and young people in my household.

Hot Wheels Fidget Spinnerz are made by Bladez Toyz and are available now priced £4.99 each from the Bladez Toyz website with free postage over £30. Also available at toy shops instore and online, including Amazon, where they are £5.99 each with Prime Delivery. Suitable for children 3 years and over because of the small parts.

We were sent our Hot Wheels Fidget Spinnerz from Bladez Toyz for review.


  1. These are awesome. The kids would love these x

    1. They really would actually - I've seen your son's fidget spinner skills! :D My eldest has stolen one of ours already...he's 23 for heavens sake.


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