Thursday 6 July 2017

My Beautiful Room Children's Design Workbook (9+) Review for Ivy Kids

My Beautiful Room: Interior Design Workbook is written and illustrated by Jasmine Orchard and Olivia Whitworth and published by Ivy Kids. Through gentle tuition and completing of projects your child learns many of the essential principles of design.

If this sounds boring, think of it more as 'designing your own epic bedroom'.

The first thing you realise about My Beautiful Room is that you are jealous of your child's book. My partner and I both poured over it and commented how much we'd have loved it. We were actually more keen to get stuck in than the children.

Each chapter takes you through a basic design skill - the significance of and how to choose wallpaper, textures, fabrics, furniture. Positioning, making use of what is available, upgrading what you have. It's absolutely full of inspiration and ideas that will set your child's imagination (or your own) running free...

The bedroom itself is made from the fold-out cardboard cover of the book, and then you add furniture to your floor plan. Lots of different press-out paper furniture is included. It fixes together really simply and quickly using numbered tabs - you'll need a glue stick. It's actually really nice, sturdy furniture.

Soft furnishings and accessories are added using stickers, and there are pages and pages of them with various colour schemes and styles. One of things I noticed is that there is a 60's feel, modern furniture is still a little retro and in fact it looks to me a touch French. I think it makes this a more accessible book for adults and older children. It isn't specifically 'children's furniture'.

My Beautiful Room: Interior Design Workbook is recommended for children aged around 9-11. I think it is definitely suited best to that age, but to be honest, I also think it's more fun than an adult colouring book. The design hints and tutorials are nicely written and barely seem like learning, and putting that into practise immediately catches that enthusiasm.

My Beautiful Room: Interior Design Workbook has 96 pages including extended sheets of card, press out paper furniture and stickers. Published by Ivy Kids, written and illustrated by Jasmine Orchard and Olivia Whitworth. Available to buy now priced £9.99rrp from all good book shops instore and online, including Amazon.

We were sent our copy of My Beautiful Room: Interior Design Workbook for review.

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