Wednesday 21 March 2018

A Mutant Plasma Orb Christmas by Nick Patrice Book Review (age 7+)

A Mutant Plasma Orb Christmas is a recent release from author Nick Patrice. A funny and mainly light-hearted story for independent readers aged around 7+, It does have a slightly deeper side and doesn't tread heavily over children's emotions and fears.

The story centres on Freddie - big brother to 4 year old twins and living in an old, draughty house with his long-suffering Mum and his Dad. Life is hard and relationships are tense. In contrast his best friend Clive lives in a sparkling new house with all of the modern gadgets and a seemingly blessed life.

Toy of the moment are Mutant Plasma Orbs, small rechargable balls which contain little characters. Freddie's are left out in the rain, fixed by Clive's Dad the Professor, only to then suffer an accident involving Nectar Pop. Freddie's world suddenly becomes a lot more interesting...

Mutant Plasma Orb Christmas is a very funny book that had me grinning and my boys laughing. Nick Patrice paints a really clear picture and you can easily imagine the story that's being played out. In fact it is very much like a play, most of the action occurs on the same day and in a single house with a limited cast.

This story has slapstick comedy, a baddie, an evil plan, mild peril, a twist, science fiction, a brief hint of the depressingly unrelenting monotony and thanklessness of everyday life, and just enough sentimentality that you get the moral message. What more could you want in one children's book? Friends and family have more value than anything material, but Mutant Plasma Orbs are a great bonus.

A great early chapter book for young readers aged around 7+, with no images and a nice size at 80 pages. The story is very easy to read and flows very well, painting a clear background image that children can relate to. Life isn't perfect, Freddie has all the fears and grumbles that any child has, but he's also aware that grown ups have their own problems and he loves them all dearly really.

The story is great and the ending doesn't disappoint or fall flat. I fully expect to see this on the stage at some point - and obviously top toy for next Christmas is sorted already...

Mutant Plasma Orb Christmas is published by The Book Guild Publishing and written by Nick Patrice. Recommended for age 7+ readers, 80 pages and available now priced £7.99rrp from good book shops, including online at The Book Guild Publishing andAmazon (affiliate*).

Amazon links are affiliate links, in order that I may one day retire to a small island off Bermuda, or at least accrue enough cash for an afternoon in Morecambe with chips on the beach. You won't pay any more though. We were sent our copy of Mutant Plasma Orb Christmas for review. Sadly we were not sent any Mutant Plasma Orbs. 

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