Tuesday 30 April 2019

Timeline Science Museum Game Review (Age 8+) Sent by Asmodee

The latest game to arrive at our door courtesy of Asmodee is Timeline: Science Museum. We love Timeline games and this special Science Museum edition has quickly become a favourite. Simple and quick to play, they bring out the competitive spirit in everyone and any game is full of shouts of "no waaay" and "I'd never have believed that".

Science Museum Timeline Family Game in attractive metal tin

Everything is stored in a really neat compact metal tin which will last forever and is completely portable. It also looks great on the shelf and is instantly recognisable.

Timeline Science Museum edition game review closed storage tin

All you have to use to play are 110 double-sided Timeline cards plus a small instruction leaflet. Each card has the same image and description on both sides, but the date of invention/first use ONLY appears on one side.

Cards showing both sides - with and without year of origin

Gameplay couldn't be simpler. Deal 3-5 cards to every player (depending on the number of players), place the rest of the cards on the table in a pile with the dated side hidden. Take the first card and place it in the middle of the table as the start point of the timeline. Everyone attempts, turn by turn, to place their cards into the correct spot in the timeline.

Gameplay timeline science edition family game review

When you place a card into the timeline, you can immediately turn it over to see if you were correct by looking at the date. A correctly placed card stays where it is. An incorrectly placed card is put to the bottom of the pile and the player picks another. The aim of the game is to have no cards left in your hand.

Timeline is a really great game and you learn so much without even trying. We are all interested in science and technology, so this version is right up our street. Who knew that the first creatures sent into space were fruit flies in 1947? Or that the first colour films were only made in 1901?

We love Timeline, it's a brilliant concept and we have also reviewed Timeline: British History. Fascinating and beautiful game cards. incredibly simple game play and each game only lasts around 15 minutes. You can combine different Timeline game packs together for a much more varied and bigger game, but the more cards there are, the harder it is to get the timeline right!

Perfect for multi-generational play, travelling, a 15 minute warm up or over many rounds for a whole evening's entertainment. Timeline: Science Museum is available to buy now priced £13.99rrp, Recommended for anyone aged 8+. If a game based on the Science Museum exhibits doesn't float your boat, many other varieties are available - and you can add as many as you like together for a trickier game.

Find out more about Timeline and the entire range on the Asmodee website or see all of my Asmodee Bogger Boardgame Club reviews here... Below is my handy Amazon affiliate link with the latest Amazon price.

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  1. Sounds like a fun evening! My brother would be all over this game haha!

    1. It is great fun! It's so easy to play and you can't resist a guess at when something was first invented :D

  2. That sounds like a great and fun evening. x

    1. It was a lovely evening. We've always been a board game family, so it's really nice to get the big kids round and play :)


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