Monday 2 September 2019

Angry Birds New Toy Range Review (Sent by Jazwares).

This Summer toy manufacturer Jazwares have released a brand new range of Angry Birds toys to tie in with recent Angry Birds 2 movie release, and we've been sent a bundle for review. We've been sent 1 x Feature Plush, 1 x Game Pack and 1 x Catablind (Splat Ball)...

Angry Birds New Toy Range held by my 2 large boys who are sitting on the sofa smiling

Excuse the pyjamas! Summer holidays are for relaxing... and throwing things at the door! I will start with the Splat Ball, or Catablind. We've been sent a green Angry Bird Piggy and he's proven very popular with my youngest.

Angry Birds Toy Review Catablind Splat Ball Piggy on table on top of packaging

I always discourage my children from throwing these at the ceiling, but somehow they always 'accidentally' end up there. At least we are in no doubts that it sticks well!

He's also had to have a wash about 15 times. It's quite a skill to get him to stick to the door and roll downwards - my 9 yo hasn't managed it yet.

Angry Birds Mission Game Pack and underneath the 5 characters out of the box

The Game Pack (Or Mission Pack) contains 5 Angry Birds toys with moving faces. They all have a large button on the bottom and when you press it, they turn angry.

Angry Birds mission game pack character Bomb, a black crow, side view

Although they are meant to look angry when you press the button, I can't help feeling like some of them just look like they are grinning...

Angry Birds 2 Movie Toys King and Red showing moving mouths and secret button underneath

The plastic is really good quality and although they're very small with rubber hair etc. they're hard and I wouldn't encourage throwing them. Included in the pack are 2 stand up cards, which my kids use as targets to roll the Angry Birds towards.

Also included in the Angry Birds Game Pack is a QR Code to expand your gameplay and add a bit of AR (Augmented Reality). Selected Angry Birds toys come with these 'digital unlock features'. Scan the product and unlock exclusive game content in the free downloadable app, Angry Birds Explore. It's great for fans because there is a lot to play with and it's varied - AR bringing the Angry Birds into your world, plus games, face changers and more.

Angry Birds 2 Movie Toys free Explore app code inside box

The final item we've been sent is the 23cm Red Feature Plush. He's big and cuddly and supersoft - an ideal size for any child to hug. Packaging is great - almost entirely card, although he does have a cable tie at the back and tags on his feet.

The detail is good and the quality is really nice. There are no loose threads or unfinished edges which can fray.

If you press the plushie's hand then he makes a selection of noises - mainly completely unintelligible. He sounds like a grumpy parent getting out of bed in the morning!

Press Angry Bird Plushy's hand and he'll grump grumble or squawk

The Feature Plush comes with 'demo batteries', which can often last a long time and I think they will in this case because the speech only activates for a couple of seconds. For replacement you need 3 x AAA batteries and a small Phillips screwdriver, but it's very easy to do using the inspection hatch on his back, just above his fluffy bird tail.

Angry Birds plushie soft toy review rear view showing tail and battery compartment

My boys are very happy with their new toys and so am I. Jazwares' Angry Birds toys are well made and a fair price, and will definitely please a lot of Angry Birds fans this Christmas.

Angry Birds 2 Jazwares toys reviewed Splat Ball Game Pack Plushy

The new Angry Birds Toys from Jazwares are available to buy now from all good toy shops, including Smyths, Entertainer, Tesco & Gamestop. 23cm Feature Plush (age 3+) £14.99rrp, Game Pack (age 6+) £11.99rrp and Catablind (Splat Ball) £3.99rrp each.

We were sent our Angry Birds Toys for review by Jazwares. 


  1. Angry Birds are such fun characters aren't they? They looks lots of fun and these toys are fab xx

    1. They are really. My youngest has liked them for a few years now and they really suit his temperament :D

  2. That plush is so cute - even cuter for the fact it makes noises too! :) Perfect idea for Christmas gifts! Sim x

    1. It is a very cute plush! The noises are soooo random - none of it makes any sense. It's exactly like the game :D


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