Wednesday 4 September 2019

Vanilla Underground Review - Merchandise For All The Family (sent for review)

Vanilla Underground call themselves the home of officially licensed merchandise for all the family and to prove it have sent us a big bundle of items - including something for everyone here. Favourite TV, movie, book, music and game characters on pyjamas, t-shirts, stationery, backpacks, lunchboxes and more...

I gave Vanilla Underground a rough idea of what sort of things we like, plus some sizes, and so our package was mainly a surprise parcel. It was a pleasant surprise too - we were delighted! First up, our 9 and 10 year old boys. Minecraft Pyjamas for the pair of them.

Two boys wearing Vanilla Underground licensed minecraft pyjamas

A big hit - I've already washed both pairs twice. No runs, loose threads or shrinkage, I'm pleased with the quality. My 10 year old's pyjamas are quite thick too, ideal for Winter despite the short sleeves. The same goes for the 5 Nights At Freddy's pyjamas in the photo below - great cold weather lounging pyjamas.

Modelling so that you can actually see the pictures on the pyjamas isn't their strong point...

Vanilla Underground licensed 5 nights at Freddies Pokemon pyjamas review

My 9 year old's Pikachu Pokemon pyjamas are £12.99 (available age 3-10), and my 10 year old's are £10.99 (age 5-14). Fair prices and again, nice quality with no shrinkage on washing. We were also sent really nice short Ninjago Pyjamas - my youngest is wearing these right now.

The final item for the boys was actually 5 items, the Minecraft 5-Piece Mega Set - Backpack, Lunchbag, Water Bottle, Gel Bead Cool Pack and Squishee Dangle fidget toy type thingie.

This is a great set and I'm really impressed with the quality. They're well made and have a couple of really great features. The lunch bag and back of the backpack are nicely padded. There is a 'hook and loop' Velcro style strap on the front of the backpack to hold your lunch bag.

Vanilla Underground review Minecraft backpack lunch bag quality close up collage of photos

The front of the backpack and the lunchbag have an amazing highly reflective pattern, which is very welcome as Winter approaches and the school run will be in twilight before we know it. It catches light incredibly well, but disappears into the pattern, so the bag isn't 'glittery'.

Vanilla Underground reflective school bags for kids minecraft pattern

Next Star Wars T-shirts for the grown ups! The Yoda Jedi Master is one my partner has claimed, the retro Darth Vader from Junk Food is more appropriate for one of my grown up sons. I haven't ironed them because I'm just not that soft. Use the force lads...

Vanilla Underground Merchandise review Yoda Jedi Master T-shirt

Star Wars Darth Vader T shirt Your Death Star Or Mine

Next up was Harry Potter for my uni student daughter and there's nothing childish about this 'letter from Hogwarts' pencil case or the Marauder's Map ring bound notebook. This is really attractive stationery - and properly useful too.

Harry Potter Notebook with Mischief Managed and marauders map message and Pencil Case which looks like a posted letter

Last, but not always least, I got to pick a prize. I actually mentioned this Nightmare Before Christmas Pencil Case in my original email, because it's so quirky and brilliant and I really hoped they'd send it.

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington pencil case collage showing top bottom and inside

Officially titled The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Mini Coffin Stationary Case Set, it's solid, nicely finished and filled with goodies for only £8.99 - bargain. Not 100% practical, but who cares?

Nightmare Before Christmas Coffin Pencil Case and stationery review jack skellington eraser giant on end of pencil

Vanilla Underground have a HUGE range of retro, cult, classic and the very latest licences, as well as loads of pop and rock music brands too. They sell T-shirts, stationery, jumpers, keyrings, backpacks, drinks bottles and all kinds of products that make excellent gifts - even doormats!

Vanilla Underground have sent items for all of us and are exactly the kind of shop I spend a fortune with at Christmas, especially for my teenage and grown up kids, and my partner. Once your children move on from traditional toys, being fans of Harry Potter, Bring Me The Horizon or Big Bang Theory can make buying gifts a whole lot easier... 

Check out the entire range of gifts and all of the different TV, movie, game, book and music licences  on the Vanilla Underground licensed merchandise website. Prices are fair and there are some real bargains to be found. Free UK mainland delivery with orders over £25 at time of typing. 

We were sent our bundle from Vanilla Underground for review. 


  1. These look fab. I do love Nightmare before Christmas x

    1. Me too - there's something very special about it. I love watching it at Halloween and getting excited about Christmas :D

  2. I am absolutely loving the Harry Potter collection! What a fab selection of gift ideas, certainly giving me inspiration for Christmas! ;) Sim x


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