Tuesday 26 November 2019

Ad | ARTdiscount 69 Piece Multi-Media Art Set Review

We're working with ARTdiscount and they've sent my boys one of the products from their recently expanded own brand collection for review. The 69 piece Multi-Media Art Set is a great introduction to more 'grown up' painting, sketching and drawing, with charcoals, acrylic paints and lots more.

ARTdiscount 69 Piece Multi-Media Art Set and young boy concentrating colouring at the table

This is an impressive set and the sort of thing that any amateur artist would be delighted with. Big, bright and colourful, and when you look inside, it's also lovely quality. I know ARTdiscount are very excited about their new products, and with over 40 years experience, they know their stuff.

The box is a mix of card and plastic. My boys choose to keep large sets like this 'in the box' when they can, as it looks so impressive and keeps it together, but ultimately it'll be nice to see more card used in future, as most people will just throw it out. The delivery packaging scores full marks for Earth-friendly - reused cardboard and paper tape - nice one.

Included in the set are:
12 x 12ml Acryclic Colours
12 Coloured Pencils
5 Drawing Pencils
12 Soft Pastels
3 Brushes
3 Charcoal Pencils
3 Charcoal Sticks
2 Blending Stumps
12 Sheets of Paper
Sand Paper
Plastic Palette
Metal Sharpener
Kneadable Eraser
White Eraser

boys pencil drawing concentrating hard

The boys were keen to paint, but sensibly started off in pencil, and the moldable (putty) eraser was a real winner. They both thought it was brilliant. The acrylic paints were a hit too, as were the brushes. The flat edge was something they've not found before, they've always had round tipped brushes. They both made good use of it.

Boys drawing using pencil and acrylic paints

While the paint was drying they both played around with some of the other items in the set. Charcoal is something they've used at school, and neither of them like dirty hands, so the charcoal pencils were a hit.

ARTdiscount review boy concentrating using charcoal pencils

An entirely new thing is the blending stub. This is new to me too, so we all tested these.

ARTdiscount review child holding a blending stub

I'll show you our finished masterpieces, but here's our 5 minute look at everything in the set...

Here they are. We may not rival Rembrandt or Turner, but there's a lot of pride to be had from creating something. I won't tell you the artists, but there may be one of mine in there too...

Art Discount review pencil crayons drawings birthday cards
'Happy Birthday Bro'. Pencil and pencil crayon.

Hench Santa Acrylic paint and charcoal over pencil
'Hench Santa' Charcoal and charcoal pencil with acrylic paints. 

Santas mountain lair Acrylic paints over pencil artist aged 9 unfinished
'Santa's Mountain Lair' (Unfinished). Pencil and acrylics.

fabulous artwork of a large blonde person and two smaller ginger people  walking across a field with a tree Chalk pastels
'Long Hair, Don't Care'. Pastels.

My boys are very happy with their ARTdiscount 69 Piece Multi-Media Art Set. It has expanded their knowledge, range of techniques and art skills, and it's excited them too. If you watch the video you can see how deep in concentration they've been while they've been drawing and painting, and they're proud of what they've made. So am I.

ARTdiscount stock a HUGE range of art supplies, including loads of well-known brands, and have just expanded their own brand range of products - which are all priced very fairly. They are a responsible company and have a partnership with One Tree Planted to help offset their carbon footprint.

Our 69 Piece Multi-Media Art Set is £17.52rrp, reduced at the time of typing to £14.02. Free delivery on orders over £40 to most UK postcodes. Find out more, including online only exclusives on the ARTdiscount website.

We were paid for some of the time taken to complete this review and video review, and the boys were sent their art set for review. 

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