Saturday 30 November 2019

Cockfields Farm Christmas Experience Review (Press Visit)

Cockfields Farm is in Oldham, about 15 minutes drive from J22 of the M60. I've never been before, but I'd heard that their Christmas activity is something really special, and this year the North Pole themed grotto is bigger and better than ever before. We were invited along to review - and collect our special passports to travel to the land of snow and see Santa.

Cockfields Farm, Oldham Christmas Experience Review (Press Visit)

As we arrived the boys were given their 'passports' and a special token for the Build-A-Bear later. They had them filled out in seconds. Inside are spaces for you to collect stamps as you take part in the different activities. It was great because it made sure we didn't miss anything.

Cockfields Farm Christmas Experience Passport to be stamped

We started the morning with a light breakfast - and I was ecstatic to see there was a choice of bacon, sausages or veggie sausages.

Cockfields Farm breakfast roll light bacon sausage

Everywhere is decorated and it's incredibly festive and very pretty. Even the play area near the cafe was specially festive.

Cockfields Farm Christmas play area near cafe decorated with snow

The breakfast was a great start to our day, and then everyone for the Christmas Experience gathered together for our trip to the North Pole. My boys were very happy to see the guys from We're Going On An Adventure blog.

Cockfields Farm Christmas Experience Review giant chair with going on an adventure blog kids

We started by all heading over to the Elves' Workshop for the Elf Show. Most of the experience is in barns or temporary buildings and there is just a little walking from activity to activity, so you'll need your coat.

Cockfields Farm Christmas Experience Elf Show 8 Days Of Christmas

The Elves were brilliant. Especially impressive was their rendition of the 8 Days Of Christmas - farm style. Everyone was laughing and it was smiles all round as we went to the next activity via the most amazing pathway of lights and woodland - Candy Cane Lane.

Cockfields Farm Christmas trip down candy cane lane to see Mrs Claus

Merry Berry was our guide. Not the chef - the cheeky Elf! At the end of Candy Cane Lane is the North Pole itself. There is also Mrs Claus' Kitchen.

Cockfields Farm Christmas Experience outside mrs claus kitchen

Even though the space was large and there were a lot of children, there was no problem hearing her as she sent the children to make gingerbread men, and then read them a story. My favourite - Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Cockfields Farm Christmas Experience Review Mrs Claus' Kitchen with Mary Berry

Now is the moment when everyone says "Oooooooh" because you go into the Elf Village. It's an amazing mini indoor street full of activities and things to see. Don't forget to get your passport stamped when you post your letter to Santa.

Cockfields Farm Christmas Elf Village shops post office

You can also have refreshments from Elfbucks. They had mulled wine and hot chocolate, cookies and mince pies. It was perfect. The only coins you'll need in the Elf Village are your special Bear tokens.

Cockfields Farm Christmas Elf Village Elfbucks Coffee shop hot chocolate mulled wine

Along one side is an opportunity to make your own special mix of Reindeer Food full of healthy ingredients that give energy to reindeer, and any other creature who might eat them. There is genuine care for animals at Cockfields - no glitter or other inedible ingredients in this reindeer food.

Cockfields Farm Christmas reindeer food elf dorm elf & lettuce pub

At the end of the Village is the Elf Workshop, which is where Bear making takes place. There are loads of different designs to choose from, and in return for their special token, your child has a bear and a bag of fluffy stuffing, plus a heart with a personal message and a Birth Certificate to fill out. .

teddy bear making in the Elf Workshop collage showing busy children and teddy bears

We had tried all of the activities by this time and our passports were full of stamps, so there was only one place to go - in to see Santa himself. He was in a great mood and didn't rush the boys at all. He could tell they liked LEGO, which certainly made them think a bit...

Family visit with Santa Cockfields Farm Christmas Experience

Before they leave, Santa gives every child a special golden coin and you head on into the Toy Shop. This is absolutely amazing and was a complete surprise to all of us. Shelves and shelves of toys, and your golden coin lets you pick whichever one you would like.

Toy Shop at Cockfield farm Christmas North Pole Grotto review

One of my boys became a little overwhelmed at this point and after 20 minutes still couldn't decide what he wanted. He was very stressed and upset, but luckily the clever elves had the perfect answer. He took his coin away and could come back later or keep his coin.

Santa Claus Wishing Coin Cockfield farm Christmas Experience review

When you leave the Toy Shop head right to go outside into the barn to see the animals. They are the happiest animals you could meet and love attention. Just watch out they don't eat your hair... especially if it looks like hay.

Cockfields Farm Oldham animal barn sheep goats cows rabbits hedgehog tortoise

The staff were full of interesting facts and clearly love their animals. My boys particularly enjoyed meeting a hedgehog, but it was the reptiles they really got excited about.

Cockfields farm reptile house dragon

reptiles at Cockfields Farm boa snake chameleon

We all had an excellent time and it really was an experience that we'll all remember forever. The boys have slept with their bears since we brought them home, and the golden coin has pride of place on my son's bedside table.

Cockfields farm christmas experience gifts from santa and teddy bear reindeer food

The entire experience really was magical. The elves, Merry Berry, Mrs Claus, Santa, the reptile-keepers and everyone else had a hand in making it so great. They really took care of everyone and seemed to be having a great time themselves. There are tiny details which make all the difference and you really are immersed into a different world, at least for a couple of hours.

The Cockfields Christmas Experience has to be booked in advance and is running on Saturdays and Sundays until Christmas week, when it's open 21st to 24th December. Adults £16.95, Children £34.95, under 12 months £6.95. 

Find out more and book your tickets to the North Pole on the Cockfields Farm website.

We were guests of Cockfields Farm to review. 

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