Wednesday 10 June 2020

Balmonds 100% Natural Skin Salve / Hand Cream / Scar Oil Review (sent for review)

When Balmonds got in touch about their Intensive Hand Cream, I recognised them immediately. They used to be called Skin Salvation and have rebranded with the name of founder Natalie Balmond, who created the product for her daughter. 

My partner has had eczema on his leg since he was a child, and one of the few things he's ever found that helps is Balmonds' Skin Salvation ointment. Luckily it hasn't changed with the re-brand - even better, they've expanded their 100% natural, no sting range - and they've sent me 3 products to test - Skin Salvation Intensive Ointment, Rosehip Scar Oil and Intensive Hand Cream.

Balmonds Totally Natural Intensive Moisturising Review sent for review

The Skin Salvation Intensive Ointment is in a 30ml tub and admittedly it isn't the prettiest colour (because of those natural ingredients - olive oil, beeswax, hemp, olive & safflower oils; plus herbal tinctures of chamomile, calendula, nettle and chickweed), but it's brilliant stuff. It moisturises really very well - and you only need a smear, so it lasts for ages. 

small open pot of Balmonds skin salvation 100 percent natural moisturiser showing thick consistency

The ointment is suitable for sensitive skin and eczema, and any of those dry patches of skin which need a gentle touch. It's a tiny jar, ideal for a pocket or the bottom of your handbag - or in my partner's case, your bedside drawer. 

Rosehip scar oil and other products lying on a dark blanket shows pipette

The Rosehip Scar Oil was sent to me as a special treat. A year after my last operation, I still have large fluid pockets under my skin which rub inside, and it does get irritated. The constant pressure against my skin means my scar is still itchy and dry at times - plus '3D' and even at times flaky and dry. 

Balmonds Rose hip scar blemish stretch mark oil dropper and drip

I'm delighted. The bottle is 50ml and it'll last just about forever I think. I noticed a difference immediately I dropped it onto my skin, and after 2 weeks of use, my scar has only felt sore and itchy on a couple of occasions, and it's noticeably smoother, with no dry flaky patches. I have used various things on it before, but this is definitely my favourite. 

No 'before' photos because I didn't realise just what a visible difference it would make. I under-estimated. 

Scar after 2 weeks scar oil

The dropper bottle doesn't spill oil anywhere and makes it easy to use a tiny amount, which has never stuck my clothes to my skin. I'm really pleased and would recommend it to anyone.  Here's a nice photo of the pipette and oil close up, to take your mind off my scar. 

Balmonds 100 percent natural scar oil review

Most useful to just about everyone right now is the Intensive Hand Cream. Perfect for hands that are washed many times a day. I've always had my hands in and out of water a lot, that feels like it's doubled now, and they are very sore and peeling at times. 

Balmonds intensive natural sensitive skin hand cream

This is a brilliant 50ml pump bottle, ideal for a handbag. It's a lighter formulation than the Intensive Ointment, but still thick and the softness remains for hours. After 2 weeks of use my hands look and feel so much better. I've got no peeling and they are soft and peachy, and they look 10 years younger! Better still, it soaks in really well and isn't sticky, and has a really mild, unobtrusive smell.  

Bslmonds skin care moisturising range review

I'm super impressed with the whole Balmonds range and definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an intensive moisturiser. I honestly couldn't be happier.

These aren't the cheapest products you can buy, but you need so little that they may well be the best value. Even better if you use this 15% discount code - BRICKCASTLE15  - This will give my readers a one-time discount of 15% off an order (including bundles, but you can’t combine it with other discounts).

At time of typing all products are available from the Balmonds website, with free UK delivery on orders over £25. Skin Salvation Intensive Ointment £7.99, Rosehip Scar Oil £18.99, and Intensive Hand Cream £10.99.

I was sent my Balmonds Intensive moisturising products for review. 

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