Thursday 4 June 2020

Game of HAM Adult Party Game Review Age 18+ (Sent for review)

We’ve been sent the brand new independent adult party Game of HAM to review. Suitable for 3-15 (or more) players aged 18+, the developers describe it as "Cards Against Humanity meets Sorry (but a little darker)". It is definitely an adult game and it is definitely very dark. If that isn't your thing, you may as well stop reading this review now. The box doesn't give much away....

Game of HAM Adult Party Game Review Over 18 only Sent for review

Inside the box everything is made from card, so it's a great one for the eco-conscious. The amount of game cards seems quite staggering at first. Included are:

810 Cards
16 Player Pieces
4 Board tiles (double-sided for 2 different boards)
4 Placeholders
1 Rulebook (24 Pages)
1 Quickstart Guide

Game of HAM Adult Party Game box contents

Game of HAM is very different in that you can play using the cards, you can play using the board, or you can play with both. There are absolutely tons of possible variations to play and they're all in the 24 page rule book.

Game of HAM review 810 cards in several packs
It all looks quite daunting, but there are just so many things because there are so many options. Although there are lots of ways to play, they're all easy to pick up, there aren't any complicated mechanics to learn. There is a quick-start guide, so you can get going instantly and refer to the rule book as necessary during play. 

We started by playing with just the cards. It's a simple game where you have to try and fill in missing words in the most appropriate (or inappropriate!) way. Crikey it's dark and dirty! Not one to bring out when your Nan is round, and I think definitely the sort of humour young people tend to enjoy best. 
By winning rounds you collect letters, eventually spelling HAM and becoming a HAM Lord. 

Game of HAM review complete the sentence word game

Next play through we tried a game with the board, and coloured cards. Becoming HAM Lord gives you special protective powers as you travel towards the finish point. Until then you can be sent back by other players in the fight to win. 

A unique feature is that Game of HAM has a web community, where players can make, share and print extra or alternative content for their games. The developers have really taken the whole process seriously, with blind testing and over 300 test players during development.

Game of HAM adult game review card examples

Different ways to play do have different game lengths, but you can complete all of them in around 30 minutes. A 3 player game with just the cards can be around 15 minutes, but it'll be epic with 15 players.  The game mechanics are very good and you will never get bored or it'll be ages before you even repeat any answers. You can see examples of how to play on the Game of HAM You Tube channel. 

Game of HAM is dark. The cards have some very dark themes and if you are easily offended you won't enjoy this. I found it a little bit heavy at times. If you are the kind of person who thinks a Josh Rogan movie followed by a South Park marathon is a great night, this might just be your dream game... 

Game of HAM is available now in the US, and should be in Europe next year. You can find out more on the Game of HAM website or follow them on social media @gameofham

We were sent our copy of Game of HAM for review. 


  1. hehehe! This sounds like great fun for the adults. I am sure my teen and her friends would love it. They all have a really dark sense of humour x

    1. Definitely :D I'm sure my grown up kids will love it - I've said they can have it once they're allowed to get together! :D


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