Monday 22 March 2021

(Sent for review) Ends Of The Earth Young Fiction (Changeling Saga Book 2) by Ian P Buckingham

Ends of the Earth is the second book in Ian P Buckingham's Changeling Saga. Old world Cornish myth and fantasy meets modern Cornish reality, with the Savage family, descendants of the ancient Trelgathwin family.

In the first book, Legends Of The Lost, we met the family, split in two halves many years earlier.  The incident had been wiped from all of their minds - but shadows and glimpses of something 'not quite right' had always remained.

Memories and relationships restored, Ends Of The Earth finds everyone living a comfortable and cosy 'normal' life. Lovely as it is, young Savannah (who is a bit of a mermaid) longs to be back in the sea, and parents Elouisa and James are both wilting with the lack of adventure.

Cover photo with striking image of flames and fire over a building which looks detroyed, with sihouette of person with arms stretched out wide

James has an opportunity to go to Africa with his Lecturing work, and can take some of the family with him. The rest, Nanna Jo decides, can go with her down to Cornwall for some seaside time. Everyone is happy.

Naturally it isn't long before strange things start to happen... In Africa Henry (who is a bit of a werewolf) spots not only poachers, but a strange, rude, maggoty person type creature. Down in Cornwall, sea creatures inform Savannah and her sister Lucy that problems are afoot under the sea. 

The two parts of the family both become embroiled in their own distinct and very different adventures, but they are intertwined, and you begin to wonder what the ancient links between Cornwall and Africa really can be.... 

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Both Legends of the Lost and Ends Of The Earth are suitable for readers aged around 9+, and they are FULL of detail and mild peril, so that age rating is correct. There is a lot going on, and not everyone goes home. It's never too scary, and you do have faith in the characters'  abilities to come together and protect each other. Talking of characters, there are a lot to remember, so younger readers may actually benefit from noting names, especially towards the beginning. 

The author is brilliant at creating a scene, so the backdrops and imagery come really easily, and you can picture the action playing out in front of you. It all seems very plausible, and the unusual in everyday life is woven into the story, so you can almost believe these characters do exist. Although you can read Ends Of The Earth as a standalone tale, you will benefit from reading the first book in the Changeling Series, Legend Of The Lost, which we reviewed last year. 

A great story, with two very clear and dramatic backdrops and storylines running in tandem. Ideal for younger readers who want something with a bit of depth, mystery and fantasy, but with modern day characters, who are still very much like them. If I had criticism, it would be that the crescendo ending of both storylines is actually a bit quick. 

Ends Of The Earth is written by Ian P Buckingham. Paperback, 205 pages, rrp £8.99. Available now, including from Amazon (handy affiliate link below.)

We were sent our book for review. 


  1. What a great sounding book. My middle boy would love this xx

    1. It is a really good meaty story - there's a lot to get your teeth into, and which young man wouldn't fancy himself as a bit of a werewolf? :D


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