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15 Ways Your Baby’s Name Can Shape Their Future

Once your baby has been placed in your arms, the next step is to select a simple, modern, and sweet name for the baby. The most difficult part is selecting a meaningful name. But does it end with the meaning only?
You may find it funny but your baby’s name can impact their future. There are studies claiming that certain names can cause hatred, love, and success. As a parent, that news may be shocking. All this time you thought there were no 'good' or 'bad' names, yet here we are.

My friend's baby Una with a massive grin

1. Is It Easy to Pronounce?

A Marquette University study suggests that an easy-to-pronounce name can help get more favor from others. They have a higher chance of reaching a reputed position. For example, Frank is one of the more easily-pronounced Norse names for boys. This is because of the way our brain process a name. Simple names are easy to memorise, and then we tend to like it more.

2. Relation Between Uncommon Names and Crime

Uncommon names correlate with crime. Hard to swallow, but this is according to a 2009 research study by Shippensburg University. This study claims that people with uncommon names are more likely to commit crimes, regardless of their race and nationality. The study does not suggest “names” are the reason behind crimes, just that most criminals have uncommon names. A very popular suggestion is that they are treated differently from an early age.

My own baby and young son talking to each other as the baby lies on a mat

3. Having a Middle Name Can Get You Good Marks

A middle name can change people’s perceptions. Generally we think people with a middle name are smart and intellectual. In a European study, students were asked to write academic papers, and surprisingly, students with a middle name received higher marks.
You expect your child to do well in their academic life. If giving a middle can make that job a bit easier, why not?

4. Common Names Can Help Land a Job

You want your child to be special, and choosing a unique name is not uncommon for parents. But did you know unique names can make your child disliked? Researchers have found that people prefer common names, and your child will land a job more quickly with a common name.

5. Last Name Closer to the Beginning of the Alphabet

In the Czech Republic, students with their last names closer to the beginning of the alphabet were found to have a higher chance of getting into reputed schools. This research was conducted on ninety thousand pupils.Furthermore, students who have their last names closer to the first letter of the alphabet are more likely to get admission callbacks than the other half.

My friend's Baby Felix

6. Last Name Closer to End of the Alphabet

According to research children with last names closer to the bottom of the alphabet can become shopaholics, and become attracted to limited offers later in their life. The number of child
participants in this research was not revealed. But why take chances?

7. Choosing a Culturally Appropriate Name

Culturally appropriate names can get your child more callbacks for jobs. This can increase the chance of landing a job by 50% according to research. Probably best not to name your child after a warrior from Mongolia if you are an America. An appropriate name is worth as much as a couple of years of experience.

8. People Tend to Get Jobs in a Company Matching Their Initials

People are easily attracted to things that are similar, and we are more likely to get a job in a company that matches our initials. Name your child Frank and they are more likely to get a job on a popular social networking site than someone named Harry. There is also evidence people are more likely to leave a company that does not match their initials.

My friend's baby Eric being held by my son

9. Choosing A Noble Name

A noble name can make your kids curious according to research. It increases the chance of reaching higher ranks. In a German study, people with names similar to kings and scholars were found more often in leadership roles than people with more lowly names. This is a result of collective thinking - a psychological situation where everyone respects people with a noble name naturally.

10. Boys Having a Feminine Name

Boys having feminine names are more likely to get a suspension from schools. This interesting study was conducted during the late nineties over six years. Researchers found boys with feminine names are more likely to have behavioral issues and be labelled as troublemakers.
These behavioral problems were also linked to lower test scores and levels of productivity.

11. Having Shorter Names

A popular job portal site ran massive research, and more than a hundred million people took part in this project. The results were surprising in that most chief operating officers (upper management) had shorter names. So, think twice before giving your child a long name.

My friend's Baby Dorothy grinning

12. Name Close to Nature

Giving your child a name close to nature can make them polite and kind. It can also make them adventurous and bold. A popular study found that people having names like “Hunter” or “Max” are considered more fearless and strong. Further proof that names can encourage attraction to certain

13. Female With Gender Neutral Names

A female with a gender-neutral name can get more success in a male-dominated industry. Females with masculine names are far more successful in legal sectors.

14. Amazing Teamwork

Having similar initials to your coworker can create amazing teamwork. A university study in the United States found that the similarities in the first letter are more than enough for a spark.

My friend's baby boy Eric looking up towards the face of the other person who is out of sight

15. Spouse Having Similar Sounding Initial

Sounds weird, but it’s true. The chances of marrying someone with a similar sounding initial is extremely high. This is known as implicit egotism. You are attracted to a person having similar traits. You subconsciously begin to like that person without even realising all of the reasons why.

Bottom Line

Naming your child can feel like a milestone. It is a gift you can give to your child as a parent. A name is as important as any toy that can ensure your child’s growth. Try to reflect on the things you learned here. Best wishes to your family! And may you come up with the perfect name for your child.

This post was written by Gary Smith. Thanks to Eric, Felix, Dorothy, Zeke and Una for the smiles (all of which were captured by me, many at various blogger events). 

Please do NOT reproduce any of my photos without permission.

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