Tuesday 2 August 2022

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4 Fantastic Ways to Light Your Home

Light is a fundamental part of every interior design project; it can do wonders at improving
the look of a space and alter the aesthetic of a room.
A well-designed lighting plan can make even the smallest of rooms seem open, and the
dullest of d├ęcor look bright.
If your renovation is need of a lighting lift to brighten up your home, then here are four
fantastic ways to light up your home.

Boy holding light up building construction blocks called light stax

1) Fun Neon Fixtures

Lighting is serious business, but that doesn’t mean you need to be serious. Have some fun
with your fixtures and turn your lighting into a talking point.
While neon signs are often associated with commercial properties, they’re becoming a
popular addition to homes as well.
Companies like Sculpt Neon Signs allow you to design the ideal neon sign to suit the
aesthetic of whatever room you want to install it in. Kitchens are a particularly popular
placement, so why not think of a catchy breakfast slogan to hang on the wall?

Close up string Cable And Cotton lighting balls

2) Light Up Your Floor

Floor level lighting is a great way to give rooms and hallways some illumination at night
without interrupting your beauty sleep.
No one wants to walk around in the dark, and this way you can see where you’re going
without having to turn on your ceiling lights, which can be very confronting in the middle of
the night.
If you’re looking for some quality LED lighting, then discover the work of suppliers such as
Downlights. They can help you find the perfect lighting to give your flooring that modern
lighting touch.

3) Make Your Light a Work of Art

When you treat your lighting like art, you’ll benefit from the numerous possibilities that it
has to offer.
Whether you want to add some elegance with an ornate chandelier, or aim for that sleek
modern aesthetic with bulbs that hang from the ceiling, such as Mike Stone Lighting and
Ormiston Wire installed at The Avenues Mall, Kuwait, you’ll find the perfect lighting style to
suit your needs.

By changing the way that you think about light, you’ll alter your entire interior design

Ceiling with spotlights

4) Natural Light

Nothing beats natural light; it costs nothing and can boost your mood.
Large windows are the one of the simplest ways to introduce lots of light into your interiors
and create open spaces in your home
While adding natural light is more of an extensive renovation, the investment is worth it if
you’re in a position to commit to the building work.
From something as simple as kitchen skylights, to turning the entire back wall of your house
to glass, there’s something out there for every lighting lover.

Have you found a fantastic way to introduce more lighting into your home? Tell us about your designs and renovations in the comments below!

I worked with Cable & Cotton and reviewed the Cable & Cotton Ball Lights.
The first image is created using Light Stax Bricks, which were also sent for review.  

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