Tuesday 6 August 2013

Cable and Cotton Creative Lighting ~ Review

Cable & Cotton make some amazing strings of lights and when they asked for people to review I was immediately keen. Up here in Manchester we have mainly very grey days and early nightfall all year round, and spend a lot of Winter needing lights on all day. Because we need it so much we make effort to have interesting lighting rather than just a big bulb in the middle of the ceiling.

I was given the opportunity to choose a string of lights. There are pre-selected strings, but I chose to pick my own colours. The entire selection and order process only took me a few minutes - most of the time spent was choosing exactly which colours I wanted and what 'feel' I wanted them to give to my room.

Everything about these lights is really beautiful and carefully thought out, starting with the packaging.

The lights arrive as a string of bulbs and loose balls and you assemble them yourself. 

Even the plug is special and really attractive.

The bulbs simply push into the balls through a small round hole and slit. Once pushed in you pull them back tight towards the ball and any deformation pops back out. It takes only a couple of minutes to put together the string with the balls (and therefore colours) in the order of your choosing.

My string has 20 lights in 5 different colours. I chose shades of lilac and purple because I wanted it to be warm but calm, and I love these colours.

I adore these lights, they're very beautiful and I think I'm going to keep them for my bedroom to treat myself. They throw a gorgeous pattern onto the walls and furniture and the light is not harsh, yet enough to provide adequate actual lighting. They'll also be brilliant for outdoors during the August and September evenings when we have friends around. 

I am surprised that Cable & Cotton haven't moved to LED's which would be cheaper to run, and the instruction leaflet provided mentions 'plastic rings' which were not supplied and I think possibly have been deemed unnecessary so the leaflet needs updating, but they are my only downsides. I'm really pleased with these lights and they make a gorgeous addition to any home. 

My 20 light string costs £22.95 plus £2.95 postage which I think is a very fair price for such a beautiful and useful item. They'd make a lovely gift for someone who is setting up a new home and a fantastic Wedding present.  If you chose shades of red and green then it would be perfect for Christmas too!

I was sent my string of lights for review


  1. Love them! Your colour choices are really nice. I want to get some for my own room too, since I let my little one have the ones we got.

    1. I think we'll be getting some more for Christmas for definite :D

  2. There are absolutely stunning!! Love coloured lights, they always make me smile :) x

    1. They are really special. They make me smile too :) x


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