Monday 12 August 2013

A Day Out With Tom Jones

Tom Jones arrived at our house the other day.

I was quite surprised to see he was very smartly dressed, he obviously wanted to make a great impression!

He helped in the kitchen while I cooked, stood round the hall and chatted to visitors. People were keen to pop by and say 'Hiya'. We had visits from Heather from Bury Family Life and Sim from Sim's Life Blog...

And even Robert Pattinson came over for a visit and a glass of wine....

We thought he still looked a bit bored though, so we took him out for the day...and where better to go than the home of the stars - Blackpool!

Sadly, when we arrived, it became obvious very quickly that the wind was far too brisk for Tom, and he was having problems staying on his feet..


We were a bit worried he might be blown away, so, once we'd taken him to look at Blackpool Tower from a distance and he paid for the parking (he's a gent) we let him stay in the van.

We went for chips and a visit to Madame Tussauds, where we spotted someone very familiar.....

When we got back to the van it was clear to see Tom had attracted a lot of attention from the birds!
As a special treat we let him sit in the back for the journey home...


Back in Manchester and we were going to a neighbour's for a glass or 12 of wine, so we took Tom with us. It looked like rain so he wore a mac. On the way there a couple of people commented on what a sensible chap he was....

Sim was there again, she's certainly taken a shine to him and I think she stole his mac.
She's even written a blog post about him! (which contains a full length shot of the above photos, so be sure to divert your eyes!).

We had a great time with Tom and you can spend time with him too - or in fact pretty much any celebrity of your choosing! Celebrity Cut Outs have offered a reader of my blog the chance to live with their own celebrity - to enter please follow this link >>>>

Tom Jones was sent to us from Celebrity Cut Outs, where you can choose from a huge range of full size or mini cut outs, masks and canvases. Tom costs £32.97 which we think is worth every penny because he is a fantastic laugh!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! You'll get to meet him tomorrow, I'll bring him to fetch you :D

  2. hahaha! That made me LOL!
    Brilliant x

  3. Hahhaha we have had so much fun with him! Fantastic idea and the perfect gent and dinner guest... he is welcome any time :)

  4. LOL Love it! I think you are the only person I know crazy enough to take Tom Jones on a trip to Blackpool :)

    1. Awww, that can't be true, surely? :D
      Glad you like it :D


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