Friday 30 August 2013

Amie Skincare Review

When Britmums asked if anyone wanted to try a new range of pure and natural skincare especially designed with the needs of young skin in mind, I'd have very much disappointed a couple of our girls if I hadn't applied.

We have 5 teenagers, including girls aged 13,14 and 15, and so skincare is a hot topic in our house (lots of things become a hot topic at some point with all the hormones flying about).

All teenagers want clear skin and unfortunately it can be a battle to achieve. I know I went through just about everything on the shelf and I spent a fortune at my local chemist when I was a teenager in search of anything that helped and gave me back some of my confidence, so we're always happy to try something different.

Amie skincare really is different. The first thing I noticed was that the packaging is very subtle and pretty, modern and attractive. It looks great in the bathroom. The second thing that no-one can fail to notice is the smell when you open it. It's gorgeous. It has a slightly sweet and floral smell, but not at all over the top. It's gentle and really lovely. Although it smells clean, it doesn't smell soapy or have a 'chemical' smell at all.

My teens were keen to give it a go, and along with 2 of them I have used it every day for the past 3 weeks. All 3 of us are very happy with the results. The moisturiser soaks very well into your skin instantly and doesn't leave a nasty film. The cleanser is gentle on my aging skin, but really effective on the girls teenage skin. One of the girls was even brave enough to let me take and post a close up photo make up and concealer free.

Both girl's skin is really noticeably clearer and brighter, their teenage spots are greatly reduced and they're incredibly pleased with the results. They're also delighted with how smooth their skin is, as am I with mine.

The Amie skincare range is subtitled 'Pure And Natural Beauty' and I think that's a perfect description. In their own words -
Amie is the natural skin care and beauty range for sensitive skin, created by top beauty expert, Fiona Parkhouse.
Bursting with natural plant and botanical extracts and free from harsh chemicals, Amie products are gentle yet super-effective. 
Ideal for sensitive skin that can be oily and prone to breakouts or dryness, they have been especially designed to work in complete harmony with your skin to help keep it clear, soft and radiant.
Amie’s high-quality products are completely free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, petrochemicals, animal extracts and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Frankly we couldn't be more delighted. It's done everything we hoped it would and more. It's a real find as far as I'm concerned, it works perfectly for my family's skin and I will be buying it in future. We don't need to look for anything else.

The Amie skincare range is available to buy in Waitrose and John Lewis or online. The Moisturiser and Facial wash we were sent retail at £4.95 per tube, which is mid-range pricing. It lasts well and works and is comparable to medicated over-the-counter products for teenage skin and cheaper than many products designed for older skin.

We were sent 2 each of the moisturiser and facial wash shown in the photo above for review.


  1. it sounds great!
    and your girl looks gorgeous there without any make up or anything, she has such good skin, she doesnt even need make up!!

  2. I love the amie range, im still using it now and my skin looks fab

    1. It's lovely, isn't it? I'm so pleased with it, it's working as well for me as it is for the girls :)

  3. Ah, girl #3 is so pretty. This sounds like a great product, teenage skincare can be tricky to get right but it's really important to look after it.

    1. Thank you hon. Obviously I think she's gorgeous, but I'm biased ;)



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