Thursday 3 October 2013

Angry Birds Ca-Cool Masks! Book Review

We've been sent Angry Birds Ca-Cool Masks by Top That Publishing and as soon as they saw it my young boys were excited!

As far as I know they've never played Angry Birds, but they certainly know what it is! The book has pages with loads of information about the different characters and my boys soaked it up! We read it at bedtime one day, and made the masks after tea the next, and they knew everyone's name and what skills they had - if only children could learn everything so easily...

The masks are incredibly easy to put together. Each part is labelled with letters, put the letters together or 'through' the right slit and in 2 minutes you have a mask. There are extra instructions to follow to get some of the trickier aspects right. I was also impressed with how well the mask parts came out of the book. We didn't rip anything!

The masks are great quality and really well designed. Loads of the paper fastening flaps 'lock', so the mask is really quite stable and unlikely to fall apart. 

Plenty of elastic is included, plus loads of little cushioned pads which you can use inside the masks to make them more comfortable around your nose. The masks are designed for children, so not very big, and the eye holes can be a bit off, but they look brilliant and are a real fun novelty.

We love this book and I think it is really good value for money. It's a book and 8 masks in one. It has an RRP of £5.99 and is currently available from Top That Publishing for £5.39.


  1. They are great for birthday party too! Fab!

  2. Replies
    1. I think my youngest has been every single bird today. How he watches TV through those masks I'll never know!

  3. My five-year-old son would LOVE these!


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