Wednesday 16 October 2013 ~ Flowers by Post Review

I've talked to Bunches online for a long time now. I started talking to them in the olden days when Google+ was beta testing. There were very few folk around and so some unlikely friendships were struck up.

I don't know if they felt sorry for me for whinging and were being nice to me, but they sent me a beautiful Auburn Fall bunch of flowers from their Autumn range. 

There was a lovely personalised message enclosed

The flowers were simply gorgeous and didn't seem to have suffered from their journey at all...

 There was also a special box of chocolates....

Flower food and a really handy care leaflet....

They were incredibly fresh and looked and smelled like they'd just been picked....

Day 1
I have to say they did look lovely on my kitchen table and made a gorgeous centrepiece. Lovely is okay for one day, we want it to last. So how did they do?

Day 5
After 5 days they looked as good as new, really fresh and pretty with no wilting at all and the red Asiatic Lilies had really come into their own...

Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Even after 9 days the flowers were still mainly fresh and a continued to provide a fabulous display. My kitchen has a real range of temperatures, draughts and light, so it's really one of the worst places to keep flowers, but they've done brilliantly.

Day 9
I have bought Bunches flowers for friends and relatives before several times, and I shall continue to do so, because the quality is exceptional. The added touches are really nice, including the complimentary box of (proper) chocolate and the personalised message. The prices are really reasonable and the delivery time is as good as it's word, so you can be fairly certain that they will arrive when you expect.

My bunch is from the Autumn collection and is called Auburn Fall. It costs £19.99 delivered and you can accrue 'posy points' for free flowers or money off your next order.

Bunches start from only £11.99 including free UK delivery by first class post. All Flowers are delivered with your personal message, flower food, flower care instructions and a free box of milk chocolates!


  1. oh wow don't they look lovely - great price too. They're definitely going on my list for Christmas presents.

    1. It's such an easy present - it's almost like cheating! :D

  2. We have used them before for Mother's day and I was impressed. They lasted so long and look really beautiful and bright. It is always a bonus getting chocolate too!

  3. Lovely vibrant flowers. I usually spend a lot more on my mum who lives 250 miles away so will definitely keep this company in mind next time.

    1. They were absolutely gorgeous flowers - and perfect for sending any distance :)

  4. so kind of them! lovely flower!

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