Thursday 24 October 2013

Trucks And Diggers Wall Stickers from TinyMe

When TinyMe gave me the opportunity to review something they asked what I wanted. I had a browse around the website and frankly I wanted pretty much everything, so I had to let them choose for me.

They came back with a selection of gorgeous wall stickers and after wavering over a wall full of racing cars my youngest son chose 'Trucks And Diggers'.

I chose the personalisation with my son's name, and which colour scheme I wanted from a very impressive 8 different choices.

I was warned that personalised products can take around 8-9 days to arrive, and it was indeed 8 days before we received our stickers. They were neatly arranged on one large sheet.

Included was a nice little sheet of paper with instructions - including how to remove your stickers as they are repositionable and shouldn't damage your decor. They're also made from fabric rather than vinyl, so they don't stretch and warp. The blurb says that they'll stick to almost any surface including brick and glass, although we only tried them on our painted wall.


The stickers are gorgeous, with a really impressive array of different printed patterns. Everything has beautiful detail. 

It says to keep scissors handy, but we didn't need any, they were perfectly pre-cut and mainly easy to remove, although we were a bit surprised the digger came as one piece - I think they missed a trick there because 3 pieces would have not only been easier to remove, it would have allowed for different poses.

If you buy wall stickers, I suggest using a level on the wall. As you can see my other half is fairly confident freehand!

I'd assumed that we'd follow the pattern in the image on the website, but because everything comes as individual pieces we were free to decide wherever we wanted to put anything, if we wanted tall or short trees, rubble in the dumper truck, one long road or more shorter ones etc.

It looks lovely and my son is really pleased with it.

TinyMe is originally an Australian company which was formed by 3 Dads (with an impressive 14 children between them) who wanted to put together Geek and Cute and put together a range of affordable personalised products for kids. I think they've managed it very well.

My wall stickers would have cost me £20 and I think that's great value for money. My son has a really personal display that is 4 feet long and should last for years. It's really attractive to look at and we should be able to move it if we decide to move the boys bedroom around. It makes a great gift for any child who is tricky to buy for.

TinyMe sell all sorts of personalised children's goodies from name labels and backpacks to calendars and jigsaw puzzles and we will definitely be buying from them in the future because the quality and illustrations are second to none.


  1. that is brilliant value only 20 quid for that personalised display! I hadn't seen these before - really like it!

    1. It's pretty cool, I think it's a good price - you get a lot for your money :)

  2. i saw them on tinyme blogger event. They are really good!

  3. They look really nice - can't believe they are only £20 such a bargain!

  4. All you have done is fabulous I really like it...Good thing is that it give a great giveaway and easy to remove. Thanks for sharing this post.

  5. Those are fab! I love that you can personalise it for your child too.

    1. It's great, isn't it - so nice. He's really pleased because he is just learning letters, so he knows it's his name :)

  6. It is really very nice that we can customize or choose our own design because the more personalized it is the better. Those wall decals are installed very nicely and I love it.


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