Friday 6 December 2013

St Nicholas' Day

The 6th December is St Nicholas' Day, and my partner decided we don't have enough Christmas traditions in our house, so he borrowed one....

Last night, while everyone was in bed, St Nicholas visited to check up on everyone and filled all of the good children's shoes with chocolate. This morning when they woke up, they were delighted to find they'd been good and hadn't just been left a fallen branch....

The tradition isn't ours, it's widely followed in Germany and other parts of Europe, but it's something we've talked about doing for years, so it's quite nice to actually get ourselves organised. Hopefully it'll be a little hint to our youngest that Santa IS always watching, and they really DO have to be good...

I just hope all the other parents don't hate us though -  they'll have gone to Nursery and School and told everyone about this.....there'll be sighing and tutting, I can tell....


  1. We have Dutch friends who talk about Sinterklass Night and I've thought about doing it for our two. Sadly my boy would definitely have been getting coal or a fallen branch.

    1. Boy no.4 would be getting a nasty branch after his antics today! We've got to buy 2 new shoelaces, 2 tubes of acrylic paint and a new tub of fish food! Grrr.... :D

  2. Is it possible to but just one shoelace ???

  3. I've never heard of that one before! Sounds great though, who doesn't want to wake up to find chocolate in their shoes!

  4. LOL!! What a lovely idea - am always looking for new traditions like this!x

  5. Great idea, I think I'll keep this in mind for next year. Bribes always come in handy with the preparations to these traditions


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