Tuesday 31 December 2013

My Top 13 Parenting Posts of 2013

Anna from In The Playroom has had a fantastic idea for a linky - your top 13 parenting posts of the year. Hers are all really informative and useful, mine are more of a mix. These are the posts that get Google hits every day, the posts that I am most proud of, and a wild card or 2....

Early Sunday Morning - I'll start with my favourite post of the year. It took 5 minutes to write, is incredibly short and I think it's probably the funniest thing I've ever written.

Closely followed by this...laugh or cry, you can't deny it was hilarious - 3 Year Old Boy V's 3 Year Old Sharks - my son's 3rd birthday trail of destruction....

Another birthday, this time my 5 year old ~ Fighting Gender Norms With Birthday Cake

Lego Memories ~ A post I loved writing because it brought back so many happy memories all in one bundle.

Easter Snow ~ 8 foot snowdrifts provided without a shadow of a doubt some of the best and most amazing photo's I'll ever have a chance to post online.

 Along with this post at The Sealife Centre Preview in Manchester

The 2 posts that beyond all others get the most Google hits and I feel a little pride each time and hope that I helped - 

3 of my most popular and favourite food posts - 

My wild card entry is this ~  

I wrote this post the night my partner became ill. I had to leave him in hospital and I was incredibly scared although I did feel that he was in the right place and getting better. At this point no-one realised that he wasn't getting better, he was actually seriously ill with Meningitis. My blog became my diary and my reference, and as I look back it's the best memory I have because the next few weeks were a blur.

And this one was 20 days later.... The Birthday Present ~ Meningitis Day 20

Yeah okay, there are 14, not 13, but I've never been keen on 13's and I'm less keen than ever now.... I hope you'll let me off....

Top 13 Posts for 2013 Linky

Because Anna told me off - here's my cheeky link to my incredibly popular Lego Minion


  1. Thanks for linking Jenny! Some great posts, lots I remember from the first time round and a few I had missed - but where is the Lego Minion?! that's one of my faves :)

    1. Hahaha.....I didn't think about the Lego Minion! I think it's had so many views I bypassed it thinking it was a competition :D

  2. Lots of great posts there - with so many children you are definitely best placed to turn to for parenting advice! Looking forward to reading all your posts in 2014!

    1. You probably overestimate my abilities - I still bumble along the same as everyone else :D
      I'm looking forward to reading your posts too - thanks Tami x

  3. Some great posts to look back on x

  4. Some fantastic posts there Jen, what a year it's been.

  5. What a fantastic idea ------ Curry Pasties... I may just be using that recipe!!!xx

    1. Curry pasties are the biz! They're delicious, full of veg and totally portable :D

  6. We live our lives at breakneck speed because we can, because we feel we have to keep up, and because every macro and micro breeze blows in that direction.


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