Thursday 11 December 2014

7 meals in 7 minutes with Cherry Tree Farm Cooked Meats from the Co-op

Now if you've ever read any of my recipe or food posts then you will have spotted I'm vegetarian, but my partner isn't and nor are 3 of the children. We're a 50/50 split. I'm quite happy to let the children choose, it's their decision, and therefore I'm quite happy to feed them meat as long as I don't have to do anything fancy with it. This is where cooked meats become a brilliant thing.

Cherry Tree Farm Cooked Meats from The Co-op

Cherry Tree Farm is a range of cooked meats from British livestock sold by the Co-Op. There are 7 different varieties in the range - Roast Chicken, Roast Turkey,  'American Fried' Chicken, Hickory Smoked Turkey, Turkey Ham, Roast Chicken Chunks and Tikka Chicken Chunks.

Cherry Tree Farm have challenged me to come up with 7 different meals using their cooked meats, which each only take 7 minutes to prepare.

1.Pizza! Pizza bases are fairly easy to make, and incredibly cheap to buy. I mostly buy mine for 59p and then a quick swoosh of tomato puree, a sprinkle of Oregano and Basil, some grated cheese and top with chopped Roast Chicken and the circular slices of the Turkey Ham or American Fried Chicken.

2. Quesadillas. These are so incredibly easy and a great change from a toastie made with bread.

How to make a simple Quesedilla

Top a tortilla with whatever ingredients you fancy. My little children love Turkey Ham and cheese, my teenagers like to add spices and onion, and my partner likes Chicken Chunks and adds slices of bell pepper and sweetcorn. Fold it in half or place another over the top and then heat in a large frying pan or on a griddle until the cheese has melted, turning half way through cooking.

Cheap and easy Quesedillas

3. Cooked Meat and Cheese Whirls. Made in the same way as my 5 Minute Cinnamon Whirls using puff pastry - but replace the filling by covering pastry sheet with slices of whichever of the sliced cooked meats you fancy and thinly sliced cheese. A brilliant party nibble!

4. Fajita Taco.

Using Cherry Tree Farm Chicken Chunks to make Fajita Tacos

We eat this around once a fortnight, although my children have asked if we can have a regular Taco Tuesday like Emmet in The LEGO Movie! Warm the Chicken Chunks, sliced onion and peppers with mexican fajita spice in a pan until the onion starts to soften, then roll into a tortilla with some salad and grated (or in this case sliced) cheese. Add salsa and soured cream to taste (my little boys prefer without).

Fajita tacos with cooked meats cheese and salad

For a nice gently spicy Taco with a difference try the Tikka Chicken Chunks and omit the Mexican spice when heating.

5. Savoury croissants. Croissants make a lovely change from bread - and the savoury croissant is definitely under-used in the UK. We heated our croissants first and then added the Roast Turkey and mature cheese, so that it doesn't melt, it just warms.

Cheese and cooked meat croissant co-op meats review

6.  Mini Tartlets. Quiche was over-used when I was growing up, and tended to be bland and boring. The possibilities are limitless though, and taking a simple pastry lining, filling with whatever you fancy and then pouring over beaten egg to fill the pastry case is incredibly quick. Try leaving texture in your tartlet - chunks of chicken, peas, chopped mushroom, a slice of fresh tomato. Add a little salt and pepper and seasoning if you wish. My favourite tartlet usually involves asparagus.

7. Of course you can always just make a butty!

Cherry Tree Farm cooked meats review

Cherry Tree Farm cooked meats are available at your local Co-op store. They retail at £1-£2 per pack. My family really liked all of the varieties and I thought they were incredibly user-friendly

We were sent one pack of each of the 7 varieties of Cherry Tree Farm cooked meats to try.


  1. I love wraps. I'll eat anything in them. Great ideas!

    1. Thanks Laura! Wraps are great, and it's something everyone will eat!

  2. Oh we love Quesadillas! We also have a new 'local' co-op just down the road from us and pop in there often. Love co-op food! Love how you say 'butty' :) x

    1. Hahaha....butty is so much easier than sandwich! I love the local co-op, the deals and cashback vouchers are usually great :)

  3. Quesadillas are a great idea. I used to make these often but haven't for ages.

    1. I think we go through stages of making things andthen we just forget all about them! It's nice to remember something as easy and quick as this though :D


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