Tuesday 9 December 2014

The Finn Doll For Boys from Arklu review

We don't mind reviewing dolls, my two young boys have always played with them alongside other toys, so being offered the chance to review a doll for boys that challenges the aggressive stereotypes and hopes to show males in a more usual 'boy' role sounds great.

Finn Doll For Boys From Arklu The People behind the Lottie Doll

Finn is an 18cm tall doll who comes with different activities and outfits. We've been sent Kite Flyer Finn with a Gone Fishing Accessory pack.

Finn Doll for boys Gone Fishing accessory set review

The people behind Finn are Arklu, who in 2012 launched the Lottie Doll. Finn is the first boy doll in their range, and just like Lottie is designed to have a healthy body shape representative of a 9 year old child.

The Finn Doll For Boys from Arklu review close up of face

Finn engages in real-life activities that an average 9 year old really engages in, and encourages children to play using their imaginations, but exploring real-life scenarios. He's a far more REAL child than any other doll we've had, and frankly a much better role model.

Finn Doll for boys stands up by himself

I'm impressed that Finn can stand up by himself, although it's a bit tricky for my 4 and 6 year olds to balance him themselves. He's nicely poseable, with bending knees and jointed hips, neck and shoulders.

Finn Doll for boys sitting on the ground

Clothes are something my boys have never really bothered with before with big dolls and action figures, so I was really pleased when I saw their response to Finn and they immediately started dressing and undressing him. The clothes are nicely made and represent clothes my boys would actually wear!

4 and 6 year old boys playing with dolls

All of the clothes for Finn and the Lottie dolls fit either doll, which is right, as healthy sized 9 year old boys and girls can usually share clothes - ours did!

Finn the boy doll fishing rod accessory

The accessories are nice too. They are well made with nice detail, and my 2 boys spent a long time playing with them with Finn. They've never actually been fishing, but they played at it for about an hour!

Finn the boy doll kite accessory

I was also impressed with the minimal packaging, using only a couple of twist ties. The recloseable box Finn arrives in is beautifully decorated, made from thick card with a handle, and can be used as storage afterwards.

Finn the boy doll in packaging

We really like Finn, and can totally see what the buzz is about. My only problem is that my boys fight over him, they both think he's great, and not a mention of guns or violence!

Boy playing with doll Finn with kite

Now it may not be entirely a match for this post, but the people behind the Lottie and Finn dolls have just released a stop-motion animation to promote their forthcoming 'Dolls Of Science' Lottie range, which will include a ‘Stargazer Lottie’ doll which is a collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), and ‘Fossil Hunter’ Lottie doll which is a collaboration with TrowelBlazers, an international team of scientists dedicated to highlighting the contributions of women to archaeology, geology, and palaeontology. Finn's in it - he gets rescued by Pirate Lottie!

We like gender equality in our house. We like boy dolls and we like girls who aren't afraid to be pirates, ninjas or palaeontologists. We also like it when children are allowed to be children, and not sexualised,stereotyped or pigeon-holed early on. We like Finn, and we like Lottie too.

Finn the boy doll with cool shark t-shirt

Arklu have given me a code to share with my readers. The offer code is LOTTIE10 and it works at the AMAZON checkout only (not on the LOTTIE website cart) and this offers shoppers the chance to get 20% off their purchase across entire range using the code, once they’ve spent over £20. The offer ends at Midnight on Sunday, 14 December 2014. 

The links I'm including here are to the products on Amazon so that you can take advantage of the codes. Kite Flyer Finn is currently £16.99 and the Gone Fishing accessory pack is £7.99.

We were sent our Kite Flyer Finn and Gone Fishing set to review.


  1. We also have him. He is a lovely doll. My son love him.

    1. My boys love ours. He must have something special about him :)

  2. This looks so cute and I love the idea of dolls for boys but I think girls would love him too, like a modern day Ken! x

    1. Totally, he isn't just for boys really. We're quite tempted to get him, sorry, ask Santa to get him, a Lottie so he isn't lonely! :)

  3. I'd love it if I had a boy who played with dolls without thinking that's a sissy girly thing :)

    1. Awww, it's a real shame if they don't. I think we're kind of lucky in that my boys always had dolls in the house, so they naturally took a bit of an interest. I'll be honest though, I think if I referred to Finn as a 'doll' to the boys, they wouldn't like that idea. I called him a figure, which was probably more reminiscent of 'action figures' to them :)

  4. Replies
    1. I think he's going to be very popular. He's so much more fun than the boring old soldier dolls that boys are usually restricted to.. :)

  5. Sorry but i think.he looks really freaky !

    1. Really? Hahaha. I thought he looked okay! He's pretty normal looking :D

  6. He looks quite old fashioned really but I suppose its because he is playing with kites not sitting in front of a games console eating junk food! so yes I approve


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