Monday 1 December 2014

Bunches Flowers And Other Goodies By Post

I am a big fan of I've used them many times to send flowers, balloons and chocolates to friends and family, and I have never been disappointed, so reviewing one of their Christmas Plants is a pleasure.

I was sent the Frosty Flower Basket just over 2 weeks ago - on my birthday as luck would have it!

Bunches UK flower and plant delivery review

The way the flowers are transported is really important, and Bunches do it very well. Inside the main box is a pull out carboard insert with handles, so you can lift out the entire assembly in one, and then recycle everything you don't need.

Bunches UK flower and plant delivery - cardboard packaging review
  My flower basket was resting neatly inside - safe and unharmed after it's journey.

Bunches UK flower and plant delivery - cardboard packaging protecting the plant

And the Frosty Flower Basket itself is gorgeous.  Conifer, Fittonia, White Cyclamen and White Christmas Cactus sitting in a whitewashed wicker basket lined with plastic. The Cyclamen were already just about in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous.

Bunches UK Christmas Plants the Frosty Flower Basket review

There was also a printed paper 'card', with a personal message, and care instructions for my flower basket. 

Bunches UK Creating Happiness greeting card

White Cyclamen close up in bloom

White Cyclamen close up buds ready to flower

White Christmas Cactus buds ready to flower

Bunches are a family run operation based in Nottinghamshire, and have been delivering flowers across the UK since 1989. They take great pride in providing cut flowers and plants that last, and are responsibly-sourced. They're supporters of several fair trade initiatives, including Fair Flowers and Fair Plants, and they work with farms that closely monitor ethical and environmental standards.

Bunches also give at least 10% of their profits to charities in the UK and the developing world, and have a sideline 'Creating Happiness' Creating Happiness

So, were my flowers long-lasting? Did they travel well? The answer is yes. As delicate at Cyclamen and  Cactus can be, they very much survived, and at day 12 an amazing result - the first flower on my Christmas Cactus....

Bunches plants reviewed White Christmas Cactus in bloom
And the Cyclamen? Still going strong and continuing to flower. 

Bunches plants reviewed White Cyclamen in bloom
I didn't have the best lighting for these photos - but I was scared to move my basket until the Cactus flower fell off by itself!! 
Bunches plants reviewed Frosty Flower Basket plants in bloom

I'm delighted with my flowers. I have several more buds still ready to bloom on my Cactus, and the Cyclamen still dominating with their bright white petals. After nearly 3 weeks my basket still looks almost as new and fresh as it did when it arrived, and I think even I might be able to manage these house plants.
Bunches plants reviewed Christmas Hamper
The Frosty Flower Basket costs £25.99 delivered, with a free mini box of chocolates. Bunches have a really large range of products available at this time of year - including Christmas flowers, plants and wreaths, hampers, cakes and chocolates. Cut flowers start at only £12.99 delivered with free chocolates. Christmas hampers start at only £24.99. I use them myself, and would recommend them to anyone.

I reviewed cut flowers from Bunches a year ago - you can see my review here...

Bunches have a keen Social Media team, and regularly host giveaways and share discount codes, and they have also today launched their online advent calendar. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.


  1. What a pretty basket. Having a gift that will last more than three weeks is brilliant.

    1. It's lovely. In theory I'll be able to keep it alive indefinitely, just don't let it know I have a bad track record!

  2. Replies
    1. It is really pretty. I have it on my kitchen table and it's just as gorgeous as any bunch of cut flowers, and much longer lasting :)

  3. These flowers are beautiful. I can't remember the last time I was sent, or even given, flowers. What a lovely treat x

    1. It is a lovely treat, and you really surprise me! I'd have assumed your husband was the total romantic :D


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