Wednesday 7 October 2015

Marvel Kids Spiderman Online Free Games Review

Any regular reader knows we're big Super Hero fans here, and we like Marvel a lot. It'll also come as no surprise to find that my kids like playing computer games and apps. Being asked to review the Marvel Kids Spiderman games was hardly a chore for my 7 and 5 year old boys.

Marvel Kids Spiderman Online Free Games Review

There are 8 different games to play and they all start with a comic strip introduction to the story and the challenge ahead. The games are actually very different and compliment each other well. 

Spiderman Epic Battles is a series of challenges which are mainly memory matching games, and varied enough that my 5 year old really loved this one. Both boys played it for a while, but my younger lad really got a great sense of achievement from the challenges. Each challenge you win takes some of the power bar from your computer controlled opponent - so you need to get them right or lose your own power.

Marvel Kids Spiderman Epic Battles Review

Spiderman Wall-Crawler is my favourite game. A pretty traditional rolling road where the player is always centre of the screen. Climb the building collecting tokens and 'power ups' until you reach the roof, or the next level at least...

Marvel Kids Spiderman Wall Climer Game Review

Spiderman Web Shooter was popular with both boys. Pretty much your basic 1st person shooter, but without the violence. Fire your web at the barrels and don't let them hit you, and then fire at the bad guys until they give up.

Marvel Children's Spiderman Game Review

Iron Spider is a real story mode platformer game, where you climbing, run, jump and swing through the levels finding the parts of the Iron Spider costume. This one requires some time to play and suits older young people better. It saves your progress too, so you don't restart each time. It's a good full game, and certainly something I'd have happily paid £20 for not very long ago.

Spiderman Rescue Mission we can't get past the first screen! I don't know what we're doing wrong, and there were so many other games to play that none of us tried too hard. You are in a large room and need to run away - which we can't manage and it fills with water. Game over.

Children's Spiderman game online

Spiderman Web Slinger is a popular game with both of my lads and a familiar old friend. A rolling road left to right with obstacles to leap over and slide underneath, this is the style of game children grow up with, and it's nicely done.

Free Children's Spiderman game online

Monsters Under Midtown we can't get to work! I've tried on different browsers and laptops, but it's just not loading properly for us - unlucky timing I think with the windows 10 update, and it sounds pretty good, so we'll keep trying.

Cyber Sabotage has lots of short levels and is another game that you will likely want to save your progress on. The backstory is that you have to search through the building to find the cause of the computer blackouts,. The control system is unusual in that you click on an area where you wish to land or jump to, rather than moving the character. It's very easy for youngsters and doesn't require a lot of skill to pull off some quite fancy moves.

Children's Spiderman Cyber Sabotage game online

If you want to play these games yourself instead of reading about them, then get on over to the Marvel Kids Spiderman Games website where you'll find not only these Spiderman games, but videos and activities including a host of free Marvel Spiderman printable activity sheets.

As a final note, if you want to make a 7 year old laugh until he cries, design your website backdrop so that ASSEMBLE crops like this....

Free online Marvel Super hero games

The boys were given a thank you gift in return for their time spent reviewing the Marvel Kids Spiderman Apps.


  1. This look good, i think my 7 year old would love to have a go!

    1. They are really good. When I play them I can't believe what I used to pay a fortune for - and it didn't even have Spiderman! :D


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