Tuesday 20 October 2015

Drumond Park LOGO Lite Review

My latest review for Drumond Park is LOGO Lite. A family game for 2-4 players aged around 12+. This is a LOGO game with a difference though, because the LOGO Lite version is boardless, instead using a clever circular spinner to hold the counters needed to win the game. Without a board this is around half the size of a standard game box.

Inside the box even the spinner comes apart to save space. This is a much more portable game that is great to take with you when you are visiting friends and family.

Instead of travelling around a board, you still need to correctly answer questions, but each time you do, you get to spin the spinner and hopefully gain a new coloured token to add to your section of the spinner. You need to collect one of each colour to win. This adds the element of chance and prevents 1 person winning each time, it also leads to a really rapid game with fast gameplay.

The boardless style works very well and we've enjoyed playing it as much as the LOGO games that use a board.  All LOGO Games are question card based, and LOGO Lite is no exception. Each player takes it in turn to be first to try and answer the questions on a card, with it being offered to the other players when they get it wrong.

Our only real criticism of LOGO Lite is that the red and pink counters look almost identical, and as we generally play in the evening under dimmer light, it's even harder to tell them apart.

LOGO Lite does however have a great plastic card holder which is much better than the cardboard boxes in the previous games, and will last much longer. The set has 264 cards, which will mean you won't reach the end of the pack until you've played it for several evenings.

The cards used in LOGO Lite are exactly the same type as regular original LOGO, and you can can use LOGO Lite as an add-on pack. There are 3 types of question cards - themed, picture and pot luck and question difficulty varies massively, but is usually dependent on your own general knowledge. Some of the cards are very witty and when you realise the clue was in the question we had some genuine belly laughs.

LOGO Lite is so small and user-friendly, and the game is so quick-fire that it's become our 'lazy option' for when we want a quick hour playing board games. It takes 2 minutes to set up, 10 minutes to play through and you don't even need to clear the table if someone else is using it.

Good family fun, and the card-writers really have worked on their puns, which give good clues when you don't know the answer, and lead to some hilarious guesses and regular "Ooooooh" moments when the answers are revealed.

LOGO Lite is a Drumond Park game suitable for 2-4 players aged 12+, with a recommended price of £19.99. It makes an excellent Christmas gift and is perfect for family board game night.

We've played the LOGO games a lot now, and reviewed 5 of the games. They're very popular in our house and all of our older children enjoy them. Our 7 year old has tried a couple, but still needs some help and is at a disadvantage, whereas the teenagers and young people generally are evenly matched with older adults.

Other LOGO Games we've reviewed for Drumond Park over the years include:

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We were sent our copy of LOGO Lite to review.


  1. This game looks fab. Logo is one of my favourite games to play but this one looks great for taking away with you x

    1. I definitely reckon so. I'm even wondering if I can put it into a bag rather than the box and take it camping :D

  2. This is a brilliant game! All my guests who played wanted to get this. It is so easy to play.

    1. It really is very simple - and so quick! I think it being quick makes it perfect some evenings :)


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