Wednesday 14 October 2015

After-school Super Heroes with Heinz and Warner Bros.

Until the end of October whenever you buy a 4 pack of Heinz Beanz, spaghetti or soup, you also buy the chance to win some amazing prizes - including loads of Warner Bros Super Hero goodies and an unforgettable Super Hero holiday to Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles!

Heinz have teamed up with Warner Bros to promote the After-School Super Heroes! Not children, nor with a secret identity, and usually going unrecognised and unthanked. After-School Super Heroes are the Mums and Dads who still don their superhero outfit and brave the kitchen after a hard day which probably started far too early!

We took the challenge to create a Heinz After-School Hero recipe - and it was no challenge for this Super-Hero, I'm well accustomed to cooking with Heinz! Tomato Soup can be used as a base for pizza sauce (just add some herbs, and your favourite toppings), and Baked Beans are a perfect addition to a One-Pot Vegetarian or Meaty Chilli. You can even prepare a Sausage And Bean Casserole in advance for the ultimate 'cool and relaxed Super Hero' approach.  My family's favourite bean recipe though, is the 5 minute sausage and bean pie...

I feel I may have the After-School Super Hero in the bag!

Super Heroes are very popular here. We love DC Comic book characters and my youngest boys were given the chance to be Super Heroes themselves (again!). It was therefore a bit of a surprise when we gave our boys the choice of a costume and one chose The Joker! They've never wanted to be a bad guy before! He did however very much enjoy the role......I see a future in acting ahead....

How will it end? Who will take the beans?! Why aren't they wearing shoes? Where is Batman? Will The Joker ever put his mask on? Will Superman ever cut his hair? Will The Joker ever grow into his trousers?

Tune find out....

Yeeay! The good guy wins again and the Heinz Baked Beans are safe for another day....

Beans on toast for tea to celebrate!

Heinz Baked Beans, Soups, Spaghetti and a multitude of other products are available at just about any food shop anywhere in the UK.......

The lads were sent their costumes and the goodies shown in the first photo to say thank you for helping create this post....


  1. That pie has literally blown my mind - really must do this at home! x

    1. I am the Queen of lazy. I make other pies too, but all my small children have loved making their own sausage and bean pies, and it's full of protein, so why spend hours making them something they'd like less? :)


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