Friday 16 October 2015

LEGO Minifigures Series 14: Monsters - The Halloween Edition!

The latest series of LEGO minifigures which were released at the beginning of October are absolutely perfect for Halloween. 'Monsters' isn't entirely true, there are some perfectly 'normal' characters there too, you just have to spot them...

LEGO Minifigures Series 14: Monsters Review - The Halloween Edition!

Lets start with the definite non-monsters. These are dressed up! They are in their Halloween trick-or-treat costumes. The Skeleton Guy and Plant Monster are clearly 'people' underneath, you can tell by the eyes. We're split here on Tiger Woman, but I think costume.

LEGO Minifigures Series 14:Skeleton Guy Plant Man Tiger Woman

There's some lovely printing in this series of minifigures and these 3 make good use of the all over print, although Plant Man has no side print. I love the skeleton and his tiny pumpkin bucket is perfect.

LEGO Minifigures Series 14:Skeleton Guy Plant Man Tiger Woman side view

Next two characters who definitely go together! The Crazy Scientist obviously had a hand in creating the Fly Monster - the evidence is right there in his bottle! No back or side print on these, but fantastic enlarged heads and the Fly Monster's claw hand and wings make for interesting figures. Who doesn't love a good Crazy Scientist?

LEGO Minifigures Crazy Scientist and Fly Monster

Next the creatures you're most likely to find forming a band. Werewolf, Square Foot and Monster Rocker. I swear the Werewolf actually is wearing Dave Grohl's favourite outfit....

 LEGO minifigures series 14 Monster Rocker Werewolf and Square Foot Sasquatch

I think it would be a bit of a heavier band than the Foo Fighters, probably more Queen's Of The Stone Age, with a little more howling than your usual track.

 LEGO minifigure Monster Rocker Werewolf Square Foot Sasquatch

Next the backing singers! Adele and Paloma Faith have never looked so good. The Spider Lady is actually my favourite of the Series 14 minifigs - her 2 part plastic cape is awesome. The Wacky Witch is really well done, lovely hat.

Spider Woman Wacky Witch LEGO minifigs

No need for rear print on the Spider Woman, and minimal on Wacky Witch - nice to see the return of the broomstick (I kind of miss Harry Potter LEGO).

Spider Woman Wacky Witch LEGO minifigures halloween monsters

These must be the roadies - I guess the ability to fly is helpful for light rigging.  Banshee, Gargoyle and Spectre (sadly not Phil Spector, he could have produced the new album).

Minifigures for halloween lego wraith gargoyle spectre

These minifigures are very special. The Gargoyle is going to be very popular with anyone who builds the modular houses, he's a perfect addition to your rooftops. I love the Spectre's cape - it's a type of felted material that really allows for fine cuts while keeping shape very well and it lies very nicely over the minifigure's shoulders. 

lego wraith gargoyle spectre rear view flying creatures for halloween

Banshee and Spectre have the new translucent bases which are divine. The 2 tone colour really is something else and in fact the Banshee's hair is from the same style of plastic, so she has an all over eerie glow.

lego translucent two colour bases wraith gargoyle spectre flying creatures for halloween

The 3 zombies are definitely your traditional late night gig crowd.  Zombie Pirate, Zombie Cheerleader and Zombie Businessman are all excellent characters. Zombie Businessman is my favourite, his hair is fantastic and his wonky broken glasses and yellowed 'financial' paper are great touches.

LEGO Minifigs series 14  Zombie Pirate, Zombie Cheerleader and Zombie Businessman

No exciting rear prints on these, but the Zombie Pirate and Zombie Cheerleader have side print again, and how great is her hair? Britney Spears circa 1998 meets The Walking Dead.

LEGO Minifigs series 14 review overview zombies side

LEGO Minifigures are available for £2.49 each in blind bags. We're lucky enough to have a friend who doesn't mind sitting for hours on end sorting through to find a complete set - cheers Brett!

We bought these ourselves!


  1. Love these! Tiger lady is definitely dressed up. Her tiger print is a different colour to her hands and face I love the banshee. I think I might need to go on a blind bag feeling trip to find one.

    1. Yeeay! That proves it then, I win :D hahaha Thank you - and enjoy your bag-feeling trip! :D

  2. They really are fab, I've not really caught on to the mini figures but looks like I really should. Monkey would love some of those.

    1. Thre are some really fabulous minifigures and they're getting better by the month. The detail is so intricate :)

  3. Love Halloween & these figures are fab xx

    1. They are ace aren't they! You Scots know how to celebrate Halloween - have a lovely one hon x

  4. Wow these are awesome. My son would love them.

  5. We managed to collect a lot of these - the mad scientist was very elusive and my son was disappointed not to have found this one :)

    1. We were very lucky. I've noticed the Mad Scientist is picking up cash at the moment - phew! :D


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