Sunday 25 October 2015

The 100 Facts range from Miles Kelly Books (7+)

The 100 Facts books from Miles Kelly are bestsellers worldwide, translated into more than 30 languages and with over 80m copies sold so far. Suitable for readers aged around 7+, there are currently 80 different books. From Mummies, Birds, Bears or Armour to Horses, Bodies or Evolution, there really is something to cater to all tastes.

100 Facts Books from Miles Kelly

My 7 year old loves facts, he loves to share something interesting and surprise us all with his knowledge. He's interested in new technology and how things work, so I chose him 100 Facts Science and 100 Facts Inventions.

Boy reading 100 Facts Science Book from Miles Kelly

All of the 100 Facts series have a similar layout, with exactly 100 facts in each book which are split into a different category for each double A4 page. The books have a large thin format and are full colour illustrated throughout.

The page and text uses lots of different fonts and layouts and styles of illustration and photograph, so it's very varied and doesn't have huge imposing chunks of small text. It's also clear these are books to 'dip in and out of', rather than just sit and read start to finish.

100 Facts Inventions children's fact book from Miles Kelly

100 Facts Inventions tells us about well known and household items which someone somewhere invented. It's a great book for encouraging children to think - reading and writing, moving by vehicle and navigating have all changed a human's experience of the world beyond measure, as have more modern inventions like computers and the World Wide Web.

100 Facts Inventions example pages from Miles Kelly

100 Facts Science age 7 and older from Miles Kelly

100 Facts Science starts by explaining just a few of the reasons we need Science and points out some really obvious ways in which it affects our lives. The illustrations in the 100 Facts books are excellent and full of detail, and below is one of my favourites.

100 Facts Science inside illustration from Miles Kelly

All of the 100 Facts books also have quizzes and questions, and project suggestions as well as facts. There is also a good index at the end, so that the child can begin to learn how to 'look up' something they want to read about.

100 Facts Science inside pages illustration from Miles Kelly

I've raised a lot of boys and I've found they especially can be hard to coax into reading for pleasure as more often the fiction books they see don't interest them. Fact books work incredibly well with the male brain, and as long as you can cope with being given a new fact every day for the rest of forever, you really can't go far wrong.

The 100 Facts books are great for any child and will expand general knowledge and understanding of the world. They are an excellent way to encourage reluctant readers to find joy in reading. Choose a book to match your child's interests and very soon you'll both be experts.

The 100 Facts books from Miles Kelly have a recommended price of £6.99 each and are currently on offer at £3 and £5 each and for the week of October half term 2015 Miles Kelly are offering Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all Children's Books!



  1. Oh, these do look good. My daughter's started to take an interest in books like this, too, so will look out for them, thanks.

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for your comment! I hope she gets some great books at Christmas :)

  2. These books are great aren't they, we had the 100 facts about Solar System book and it was so easy to dip in and out and talk about different facts!

    1. They're ace. I love having a look at a few pages with the children - at least it means I know as much as they do for now!


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